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Hemp and 4D / 3D Printing - A Conversation

2016 Update 

Kanèsis is making a hemp filament for 3D printing, demonstrated above. 

"While in Sicily, I got a chance to meet with the Kanèsis team (Giovanni Milazzo, Luca Millauro, Antonio Caruso, Santiago Consoli and Erika Ruiz). They are young engineers and material science graduates who have succeeded where many more have failed. Hemp, which is a similar plant to that which gets you high, but has very low THC content, is about as close as it gets to a wonder material.
It is extremely sustainable. Hemp is a weed. It grows just about anywhere, in any condition and consumes minimal resources. It can be used to make thousands of products, from clothing and fibers to the strongest ropes that exist, to bioplastics, paper, natural cosmetics, and more."
The game is changing. 

Hemp is filament (ink) for 4D printing and 3D printing. The difference between 4D and 3D is 4D is self assembling. The purpose is to create what you need.

These printers print with the new ink, called filament. This conversation is about how to make hemp the dominate raw resource material for this life changing evolution.  Print with hemp filament! It's already being done.

Matterlab develops hemp and tagua-based FDM 3D printer filaments

Why hemp as printer filament? Because hemp is a versatile, strong, environmentally empowering, safe, multi-faceted, easily renewable raw resource material, making it perfect as a filament for 4D and 3D Printing.  

For example, the building above as well as other items can be printed in hemp, i.e. hemp plastic which is 10x stronger than steel used for windows and waterproofing and smoothing a finishing coat, hempcrete and other building materials.

Hemp plastics 

Medical applications
Don't forget, hemp inks could be incorporated into 2D Printing because hemp can make regular ink too.  

As we embrace the Information Age it is easy to understand the surge in popularity that hemp / marijuana is experiencing.  Lies about the hemp plant do not stand up to the light of truth, no matter how many millions are jailed or uncounted numbers of people executed in the name of the war on drugs. Jack Herer was right, as usual 'nobody dies from marijuana other than murder by cop or drug dealer.' 

Let's start a crop financed international Hemp For Victory program! Here's some information on the original program.  A 21st Century of this program could be easily achieved, this time through crop, not government financing. 

Though the majority of the legalization conversation today is about medical and recreational cannabis, there is another treasure from this trillion dollar crop, industrial hemp, that has the potential to once again be a huge market. The late Richard M. Davis, founder and curator of the USA Hemp Museum broke down the economics of the market in his book HEMP FOR VICTORY: TRILLION DOLLAR CROP. 

"A hemped economy is a healthy economy. Imagine an emerald plant that grows in 90-150 days, can be used to make over 50,000 products such as all our paper, can eliminate dependence on foreign energy sources, actually reverse global warming and can be implemented, as Willie Nelson says, with NO WAR REQUIRED. Such is the amazing hemp plant that can help turn our current economic mess into an economic cornucopia of job, business, and other taxable income opportunities." H4VT$C pg. 6

The current technology of 4D and 3D printing carries with it a plethora of benefits and a few problems that hemp, wisdom and common sense easily solves. 

The initial problem is filament for the printers. How do we provide affordable, non toxic filament, especially in light of reports of health concerns?

"According to, inhaling UFPs is potentially harmful, as the particles "deposit efficiently in both the pulmonary and alveolar regions of the lung, as well as in head airways." They could also find their way to the brain through the olfactory nerve.

Previous research has suggested that high concentrations of UFPs in the body can cause asthma symptomsstrokecardiac arrest and even death.

In light of these health concerns, researchers say that consumers should exercise caution when operating 3D printers in "inadequately ventilated or unfiltered indoor environments," according to the study, published this month in the journal Atmospheric Environment." 

Above quote from the Huffington Post

The choice is simple. Do we cut down more trees, suck off more out the Earth's lithosphere for oil to meet the demand new technologies present? Or do we grow our own filament. Choosing the hemp solution is so much better than being stupid, which, based on results, is the way things are being done now.

Since technology is the key out of Babylon, we can speak the same language, "weblish", understand that there is no shortage of land, indoor growing is a hot topic, many folks could return to what they were born to do, farm/process/sell hemp. Hemp solves the problem of how to make enough filament for the upcoming demand by using this quickly renewable plant. 

Folks can grow their own raw material for filament if they want, take the plants in for processing to make what they need, like we do with dry cleaning today. The processing can read 'lb. of flour, 5 lbs. of plastic, 4 lbs of textured vegetable protein (like a hemp based TVP - meat substitute for vegetarians like me.) This hemp evolution allows folks to grow their way out of poverty. Hemp hero Jeff Clark is making plans for his 3D printed hempcrete house made from material, hemp, that he grows himself.  A lot of folks would not only find jobs, but start their own companies or masterworks series of products or services in old and new hemp industries. It is the truth that sets us free.

As is the case with energy, instead of cutting down trees for paper and wood or pumping the Earth's blood for plastic we can print using hemp.  Hemp can be used as hempcrete to print buildings and infrastructure, hemp plastics for common items as well as some industrial applications as developed, hemp foods to help meet nutritional needs, hemp fabrics for innovative clothing and furnishing designs, papers, etc., perfect raw materials processed into whatever the person needs to create a good life.  


How To Make 3d Printer Filament

Here's some information on hemp plastic, that could meet the market needs for plastic filament.  The program below is from Time4Hemp about hemp plastic with hemp heroes Casper Leitch, Carey Burns and Paul Benhaim.

Overview blog entries and papers I've written over the years include in our hemp empowerment conversation (please post in the comments section other relevant material):

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I've been posting on social media over the years on hemp and 3D printing - I'll provide a full list but for now here's some posts on 3D printing Las Vegas in hemp on the Colorado River where the water is.

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Again, the goal is to empower folks to be able to choose a non-toxic (don't add none, won't be none) hemp based filament for 4D / 3D printing. I'm assuming hemp will work for 5D Printing so as I learn more I'll post an article on that. 

This topic will be covered in depth by Casper Leitch and Paul Stanford on the Time4Hemp Global Broadcasting NetworkIf you'd like to participated in this conversation as a speaker and/or listener Tweet and/or FB me.  Thank you to all the hemp heroes and sheroes who have made or are making this evolution possible.

Now is the time to let government know they must get out of the way of We The People using hemp to solve our problems.  "Hey Mr. D.A., let's make a deal!"

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