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Thank you for considering this idea to 3d print environmentally conscious buildings and roads out of hemp. Donations of prayer, advice and/or money are appreciated.

New Hemp Cities (NHC) is an idea in development to make environmentally conscious, self-sufficient communities, buildings, infrastructure and gardens, 3d, 4d, 5d, 6d (new age) printed structures using the contour crafting technique. This construction method can create a 2,000 sq. ft. building in less than 24 hours at up to 60% below traditional construction costs and less than 1% waste. The cities are being designed as open source, easily replicable and personalized for community needs. Based on CAD files, we can quickly fortify existing structures, build new buildings and community centers complete with gardens from locally produced materials.  

Hemp Is Victory! How? Build fortified structures that protect from wind, heat, water, radiation and structural pressure damage (i.e. 5d printing bullet proof glass). The video below is on a basic house from a company in Washington state, Apris. We can build this using hempcrete, a hemp based concrete.


NHC is an open source plan in development to 3D print environmentally sound communities out of hemp and other non-toxic materials on top of aquifers, powered by four free energy systems like Bruce DePalma's N-Machine, plus use a dual magnetic vortex water cleaning system, Hydreva.

NHC are innovative ways to apply the hemp and other smart technologies solutions to modern problems. Climate changeexcess radiationCO2, etc., demand we immediately build self sufficient cities and; 3d printed  infrastructures  including multi-tiered highway systems where the entire roadway can move in the event of accidents. It is way past time to rebuild our infrastructure using modern technology rather than antiquated, cost ineffective ways being proposed now. 

As we see every time it floods, we need to waterproof buildings. We are reminded during tornado, hurricane, and other storm seasons, we must round the edges of our buildings to reduce wind damage. Nuclear radiation levels must be lowered. For example, the Jesuit Priests who survived the Hiroshima blast were in a plaster building. The Atomic Dome in Japan has concrete and plaster walls. Hemp makes both and can be part of a multi layered 3d printed / additive manufactured environment shield.  The communities should be located on top of aquifers using Hydreva magnetic vortex water energizing systems.

We’ve started by building a strong mastermind alliance to develop an effective strategy. First steps have been taken to acquire Title V land to crop finance the venture. Though self financed, we are raising funds for business plan writing, acquiring land process, hiring professional management, architecture, production and fulfillment teams, purchase equipment, clean and energize the water, plant hemp seeds, build smart cities of hemp based zero carbon buildings, sell and use hemp foodsfabricsmedicines, etc. to fill market needs.

Also, we must factor in new age printing improvements like housing needs can be met by 5D, 4D and 3D printing. By 2020 expect massive technology breakthroughs in new age printing, like shifting to laser printing contour crafting. By focusing on high quality crops from master farmers, products should generate sufficient revenue to finance the venture while turning a profit, prospering those involved, including providing homes and food for the homeless and others. NHC provides great opportunities to honestly succeed in solving problems. 

Like Gandhi making salt, it is important that we over ride laws that are killing us and grow hemp. It is time to repair the breach pollution and other forms of stupid that have been caused. Hemp can help make the world a lot better. It's Time4Hemp.

Hemp is a proven weapon of mass production, an easily renewable raw resource that grows quickly and fills a multitude of needs, wants and desires. By wisely using hemp / cannabis combined with technology and common sense, we can solve many problems. We simply need to restore hemp and use crop financing to supply income opportunities from the soil, beginning with under utilized land, i.e. unused government land.

We have a vested interest in taking actions today to solve problems. Since climate change is more than weather, like nuclear radiation levels and red tideswe are in the planning and funding stages of building environmentally conscious communities out of locally grown hemp.

In addition to a technology empowered agricultural economic base (increased crop yield), the crops can be used to make printing filament for 3D, 4D, 5D and whatever's next (new age printing), like laser printing applied to contour crafting.

Being open source, folks can build what they want to suit their style using a CAD file. When a disaster that wipes out a community's infrastructure, homes destroyed, the community can be quickly rebuilt on safer ground.

Income sources are built into the plan. A crop financed infrastructure ultimately includes a 10 story vertical farming green house on about 25% of the land with earning opportunities for members of the community as well as international commerce. Innovative farming techniques will be used to increase the yield of raw resource materials.

The 5 year plan in development includes a couple of years of full crop growth to clean the soil and finalize designs on the community. As a result of elevated nuclear radiation levelsalgae bloomsred tide, global warming, oil spills, ocean levels continue to rise as homelessness remains a dire condition, etc., the need for easily built inland housing on aquifers is a lifesaving strategy. Implementing a hemp based strategy, we can help fulfill our responsibilities to provide for at least seven generations ahead. By adding a touch of science to the art of new age printing, new buildings can be built for about half of traditional construction costs. A jobs / business training program is being developed to give technology skills to help solve problems based on the 3D Veterans being developed by the USA Veteran's Administration.

This concept is decades if not centuries in development and is now at a point where we are commissioning financial, agricultural, water and architectural experts to review and help polish this plan off. Even without funding, the Japan Hemp Association, producer of the Kyoto Hemp Forum and many other hemp and new age printing activists have shared valuable insight to fine tune this idea, making it a powerful mastermind alliance.

In essence the plan is, in first run implementation, to acquire/lease about 40 acres of land (scalable, i.e. 10 miles, Manhattan is only 13.4 miles long) where growing cannabis / hemp is legal. The UN must shift it's policy regarding hemp and the drug war so we can free nature to heal the climate changehealth and economic problems we are facing.

What better way to fuel the new age printing evolution than with fast growing hemp as a raw resource material? Innovation in farming is key to success. By new age printing a 10 story vertical greenhouse farming building on 25% of the land, then housing and business buildings and infrastructure can be used on the rest. We can increase crop yields to make new buildings, like out of hempcrete.

The plan is for the first year or two to be open grows to phytoremediate the land and water. The growth, processing and sale of hemp based crop products like hemp foods that could end the UN Declared World Food Crisis serve dual constructive purposes of expanding markets and ending world hunger.

The service industry of Marijuana Tourism can become a sub industry as people travel to spend time in hemp fields and just relax with their ipads or laptop. Growing specialty brands can increase profit margin substantially. Healing hemp oils and other forms of medical marijuana can be made to deal with many modern illnesses like nuclear radiation exposure cancers and seizures. We can quickly build hotels, motels and inns with big screens and highest speed internet access for maximum cyber enjoyment and accomplishment. 

Both male and female hemp plants are planned to be grown for profit to finance the communities development. The buds and leaves part of the female hemp plant should to pay production costs, salaries and investors. The rest is profit. Community based profit sharing, business opportunities are being factored in.

The industrial hemp processing plan is to use the stems and stalks for 3d / 4d / 5d printing buildings and infrastructure in hempcrete, hemp plaster, hemp plastics (10 times stronger than steel according to Henry Ford and will waterproof the buildings in the event of floods), hemp papers, hemp adobe, hemp fabrics, hemp woods, hemp varnishes, etc.

Structures are being developed to include rounded edge buildings to eliminate wind damage (as demonstrated in the art of the igloo), Hydreva magnetic vortex water cleaning system to clean water as it enters and leaves the buildings, radiation shielding layer, wind / hydro / magnetic / solar free energy systems built in.

Because of the importance of water, a hydro floor sub basement for exercising, hydrotherapy and swimming is part of the plan. A self sustaining water cleaning system, Hydreva, contributes to the community's water stability, the foundation of any solid lifestyle. Build where the water is which is why it is recommended that new developments be over aquifers.

Also, like NASA with space travel, add a magnetic radiation reduction layer too. Since the building where the Jesuit priests survived the Hiroshima bomb was made from plaster, and hemp can be made into plaster, a plaster layer is important to environmentally conscious housing. 

Since hemp can be made into wood with plaster walls to reduce the effects of radiation. I am also looking into the priests wore black (color is energy) and were their robes made of hemp cloth - the Atomic Dome is made out of bricks and concrete. Hemp can be made into plaster, bricks and concrete.

In summary, the proposal is to grow hemp for profit and new age printing  filament . One of the uses is for the contour crafting technique that can build a 2,000 sq. ft. building in less than 24 hours off of a CAD file.

Building environmentally conscious housing using the contour crafting is much cheaper than traditional construction methods. This project can provide business opportunities, jobs, food, housing, clean water, etc.

To get a copy of the current draft where it is in development, reach me on Twitter @cureworks - Let me know what you think about this and the best way to implement the hemp solution.

Proposed by with a lot of help from many people:

I am J. Nayer Hardin, founder of and a conductor on the Computer Underground Railroad, a cyber division of the original, since 1984. This is a quick compilation, highlights of my life's work. "The best is yet to come." 

After a dozen years in corporate media (CBS, NBC, ABC, UPI, National Black Network and The Entertainment Channel), a dear friend, the artist Richie Havens told Mother Clara Hale about me back in the 1980's when I was referred to as "the computer lady." After a lot of soul searching and studying the book A Course In Miracles I was transformed into a conductor on the Underground Railroad when Mother Hale commissioned me. She said there was something going on with computers and Harlem was being left out. She went on to explain it was my responsibility to something about it. So I did then expanded the mission.

My mission is to use computers and other technology to help people be free. In addition to training and using computers as research tools, I see ending the drug war as this leg of my freedom mission so we can make life better i.e. use hemp to phytoremediate, heal and prosper.

I have a track record of solving many problems, it's my passion, along with praying, loving and smoking weed. I've been smoking marijuana since the 1960's and on computers since the 70's. In the mid to late 80's I helped computerize small business people in Manhattan and wrote business plans / proposals with a wonderful team of friends and family.

In the 90's, after years with extensive computer injuries my brother / friend, the late Bernard Hirschenson (who did the Keep America Beautiful commercial in the 1970's) we received US Patent No. 5,188,321 that not only healed my extensive computer injuries but a quarter century later, the injuries in my upper body never returned. Need a new chair for the lower back injuries, but I key with my fingers so no problem. 


Also during that decade I was blessed to be able to train over 3,000 people how to compute, sharing computer skills. I have the unpublished signatures of many of the people I trained how to use a computer as back up verification which I plan to submit to a secure location in the future.

I did a lot of environmental work in Harlem like her being surrounded by 5 open sewers and the impact that was having on the infant mortality rate.

During the last part of the 20th Century I helped publish a liberating book for me by Dr. Leroy Vaughn, MD, MBA, Historian 'Black People And Their Place In World History' which ripped all sense of limitation from my being. Dr. Vaughn's documentation proves our definition of race is not a limitation. We all are one race, human, capable of doing good works too.

From the Mohave desert to the new Underground Railroad station in Cochise County, AZ in this century my mission work combines computers, hemp and common sense. I've researched and published the work on hemp as a solution to World Trade Center Illnessfixing Fukushima, a proposal to the Mormon Church to use Ibogaine to deal with the drug addiction problem and others that are published on this blog.

Three more of the books I helped get published on Amazon since 2009 were for the late, great Richard M. Davis, USA Hemp Museum are (free .pdf links connected to book title - hard copy on Amazon for sale). I met Richard in 1999 when he, Sister Somayah Kambui, Rw Akile and my husband Sherwood Akuna and I produced the first Los Angeles Global Marijuana March. Dana Beal, who I had  worked with in NY on the marches hooked us up.

Hemp For Victory:

Here's a link to an article on hemp and 3d printing

Thank you for considering this idea. Donations of prayer, advice and/or money are appreciated.

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