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Hemp is a great raw resource material for 3D / 4D Printing

Hemp is an easily renewable, versatile raw resource material for 
3D and 4D Printing

Print the car in hemp plastic because it is 10x stronger than steel, 
that’s impact strength.

According to T. Rowe Price, the game of life has changed, just in time for the future. We can print what we need. We can turn our ideas into our physical reality.  This (3D and the up and coming 4D, self assembling) printing evolution is an empowerment tool, an awesome manufacturing technique transforming the power of production. Literally, we can print most of what we need and even use free energy to power it. Already people are printing functional toolsmodel airplanesmotorcycleshomesclothesfoods and even lifesaving human organs . 

Hemp plasticsfoodsfabricspapersconcreteoils and medicines are great raw materials for use in 3D and 4D Printing.  Based on qualityversatility and price, hemp could be the dominate (among many) raw resource printing material for 3D / 4D Printing.  Due to hemp’s  strength,  versatility,  durabilitytastenutritional and medical values, plus a whole lot more. This brave new world demands Hemp For Victory.

· 3D / 4D Printing is revolutionizing manufacturing, business and personal. 

· The technology is basically a 3D dot matrix printer, printing one thin layer at a time to replicate the drawings in the CAD design file4D printed objects self assembles on site.

· Simply create or choose the CAD file to print and add the printing materials of choice. The printer replicates in various filaments, designed to produce a functional object from powderplasticgold, etc. The printer prints layers in various “inks” (filament) and it’s done.

· 3D / 4D Printing done in hemp is the best that nature has to offer to this evolution.

· Hemp is a perfect raw resource material to print what we need to have happy, fulfilled, lives. We can now design and print fully functional, non-toxic, items with ease in healthy hemp.

· Hemp ABS plastics have 10x the impact strength of steel. Hemp fabrics allow a body to breathe. Hemp foods are delicious. Hemp paper is long lasting.  Hemp is a perfect, low cost, easily renewable raw material to make filament. We can even make our own 3D Printers, of course in hemp plastic from plants we grow, not buy, making us more independent!

· With hemp we are marking ‘The End” to this age of greed and replacing it with satisfaction.

USA Hemp Museum, 
Richard M. Davis, Founder, Curator, Author 

Text from President Barack Obama’s 2013 State Of The Union Address
regarding the potential found in just 3D printing.


Books by Richard M. Davis
Hemp is a biomass champion as explained in H4VAGWS . Learn why we must use hemp now to help fix our environment. Hemp is a needed crop that is easily renewable, pulls excess CO2 from the atmosphere as it grows and has a six foot root system that aerates soil.  Hard copy for sale on Amazon.
Vol. II -: Free ebook THE WONDER HERB –
Medical marijuana has been used as effective medicine during at least the last 5,000 years. This book is a collection of papers and recipes for incorporating medical grade cannabis leaves, buds & oils into your health and/or healing program.  We should all be on medical cannabis. Hard copy for sale on Amazon.
Hemp is already America’s #1 cash crop. The fastest way to heal the economy is by stopping the drug war and re-starting a United Nations based Hemp For Victory program.  Learn how hemp is an agriculturally based economic powerhouse of easily renewable raw material. Hard copy for sale on Amazon

Mission Action Plan Projects / Drafts In Process

3D / 4D - Print In Hemp!

The Information Age is ripe with positive possibilities and within those opportunities is what LEAP’s Peter Christ called on Time4Hemp the next “Guttenberg Printer”, computers, which are the foundation for  3D / 4D Printing.  This modern marvel prints real objects from CAD (computer aided design) files. We can print a new car part, a model plane that fliesdentures and/or a kidney for installation.  Get ready to print your carhouseevening gown with the perfect shoes, or a new ear.  That's 3D / 4D printing.
This is the revolution that President Obama talked about in his state of the union 2013 address3D / 4D printing are empowerment tools to free us to create the lives we want in the materials of our preference.  Hemp is an excellent raw resource material for this process, both to make the printers and filaments (inks) to create needed/wanted/imagined items. 
Instead of royal, above the law corporations like Monsanto making our products, we, citizens of sun, can 3D / 4D print the backgrounds and tools of our lives.  This new printing press has the potential to dwarf what the computer industry did in the 1980’s and 90’s due to relevance.

Hemp For Victory is a smart strategy to follow in this brave new world.  Easily renewablelow costversatiledurablestrong and non-toxic hemp is the best qualified raw material for most 3D /4D Printing needs.  We can even make tools to help us repair the damage done to the planet.

The foundation of the premise is the same for both 3D / 4D printing.  The difference between the two is basically is that 4D printing self assembles, which is useful when it comes to issues of nuclear containment and the like.  Affordable 3D printing and self-assembling 4D printing are not future concepts, but here now.  You can order one on Amazon.  It is up to us to kick this evolution into grand & glorious gear.

3D Printed House
“The promise of 3D printing technology is astounding. By taking simple, basic materials and “printing” them to spec using binding agents and/or robots, these machines are capable of creating everything from pharmaceutical medications to wearable planters at the touch of a button. So why not apply that smart tech to green building?

Two such buildings caught our eye recently (via Inhabitat).”

We are limited only by our imaginations, which are vast. Record your idea in a CAD file, choose your filaments and print.  Think highest good and use hemp to save the planet.

Who:  3D / 4D printing makes functional objects in many materials i.e. plasticfoodmetalspaperglassgoldceramics, etc. The computer’s design (CAD) file can be modified to fit our style, producing our best articles like a functional wrench or new human organs. Hemp, already with the ability to make over 50,000 products, is a perfect filament for the 3D printers to make foodsplasticsfashioncars, etc. We can print our needs and our dreams...problems solved.

Hemp can fuel this evolution of humanity.  The USA Hemp Museum’s Hemp For Victory Mission’s work is to provide truth about why hemp is a vastly superior  material.  This is based on quality, so hemp could easily become the dominate raw resource material for printing, both making the printers and the printing filament (ink). The scope is endless. Imagine being able to 4D print Fukushima’s nuclear entombment in scientifically calculated layers of hemp concrete, lead and hemp plastic in sufficient depth to entomb our many radiation problems.

What: Work with the vision of replacing toxic with non toxic hemp items via 3D / 4D Printing, etc. because of hemp’s multi-purpose benefits. Implementing the hemp solution to solve the foreseeable problems in 3D /4D printing, the primary one being expensive printer filament being subject to shortages, is wise.  For this revolution to go forward quickly, material used in the process must be free or inexpensive, strong, durable, versatile and hemp’s key advantage over many other materials used, non-toxic. Hemp scores straight A’s in all those categories, definitely for 3D with no reason found yet for why it would not work in 4D too. We’re still researching.

When: Now.  Simply incorporating hemp and other needful, non-toxic materials into traditional products will co-create a serious lifestyle upgrade.  More than just the people will thrive from the decision to make hemp the main material used in 3D/4D Printing. 

Instituting the hemp solution is the smart thing to do now for ourselves, environment and future. When hemp is legal we will be able to grow the raw material for our printer filament to make whatever we can put into a CAD file.  Almost immediately, when we stop the drug war and use hemp to solve our modern problems, we can have a better world by using hemp foodsfabricspaperplastic, etc. for both the filament and where appropriate, the printers too. 

Using hemp building materials and lead for nuclear entombment for places like Fukushima makes sense.  The parts can be printed off site and assembled by robots wearing a radiation reflection covering printed by 3D printers too. Rick Simpson’s cancer cure oil can be an ingredient in our food filaments.  With 3D / 4D printing, confidence in the future is easy, though a lot of work. 

Where:  This evolution is going on everywhere, all over the world.  3D / 4D Printing is a home based as well as industrial upgrade. Already, 3D printing stores are opening up.  3D / 4D shops affords printer owners the opportunity to engage in on-demand creation of whatever they or their customers want.  This technology also gives households the ability to print their needs.  

Why: Use hemp to help us save ourselves from the mess we’ve made of Earth. After centuries of man caused abuse, hemp can help us create better lives with better materials.  For example, plastic is everywhere.  Johannes Bjarmarsson said “hemp plastic is 10x stronger than steel, as in impact strength!” Dr. Jeri Rose adds “the high cellulose content of hemp is probably an essential aspect to why it will be so superior.”  Using hemp to make the printer and as the filament/ink in 3D Printing is a multi-level upgrade. Hemp oil and foods can be printed to stop world hunger.

How: In hemp style. Once you have your computer, CAD program and 3D / 4D printer, draw or scan in a picture of what you want to print into a CAD file.  Add the materials you want to print in. Print like you Vogue.  A good program to make your CAD file is Google Sketch Up, which is free.

To make hemp available, we must unconditionally stop the drug war now by Jack Herer Executive Order 420 to free up hemp’s many powers and applications. Free ALL political prisoners too. When that’s done we can grow as much hemp as needed to empower what the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute calls “A Peaceful Solution” to the high cost and toxic materials found in some (i.e. traditional plastics) items we interact with daily. 

Dr. Jeri Rose further suggests that an analysis of the chemistry of plastic made from oil, and that made from hemp, will disclose why that from hemp will not break down into toxic pollutants. How will your life change when you can print whatever (not whoever in person) you want? 

First 3D Printed Gown
In a perfect world, folks can freely grow their hemp plants in a closet or back yard. Then take the plant to a facility for processing into fabric, medicine, plastic, food…like we currently take in dry cleaning...or process their hemp plants themselves. “We can even donate directly to people who need it” said Casper Leitch.

The purpose of this research is to empower as many people as possible as quickly as we can to serve the explosive needs of the 3D / 4D Printing universe.  With computer design as the foundation, 3D / 4D Printing are the keys out of Babylon. We can all speak in the language of technology, the same language, to create what we need to live the lives we want.  JOY!  TELL PRESIDENT OBAMA, LET OUR HEMP PLANT GO BY JACK HERER -EXECUTIVE ORDER - 420!  Like Jack use to say, ‘get your fuckin’ education.’

· Institute a crop financed HEMP FOR VICTORY program!
· Get folks educated about 3D and 4D printers so we can purchase, grow and/or make the printers and filaments. Print. 
· Tool up with hemp by growing, processing and using the hemp plant.  Let’s do what President George Washington said “Make the most of the hemp seed and sow it everywhere.”
· Form mastermind alliances of hemp and 3/4 D printing enthusiasts (for us it’s the same folks).

Casper Lietch, creator, producer and host of the flagship marijuana broadcast program Time4Hemp recently suggested that we get this information to other long term hemp heroes, i.e. 3D printer Jay Leno, who uses 3D printing to replace his car parts, FarmAid creator Willie Nelson, activist Woody Harrelson and others who are helping folks know we have the ability to solve many of our problems now.  Given the dynamics of the nuclear crisis from Fukushima and other deadly energy plants, it is in the best interest of us all to have a section of this research dedicated to applying hemp building materials and lead to reduce exposure to toxic radiation.

US Federal Grants - Here's another way to get the information out and receive an up to $250,000 renewable, annual grant. NASA just gave out a $125,000 grant for 3D printing food.  There is also a national competition going on out of the White House concerning innovative applications to technology that has a $200 million prize.  Initial products being planned by mission members to be printed and sold on demand in a hemp plastic 3D printer filament are:

Akuna Brass Catcher invented by Sherwood Akuna, an automatic pistol accessory that catches brass as shot is a useful tool for shell re-loaders.  Currently the ABC is hand crafted through a long process. 3D Printing turns weeks of work into hours, granting the inventor the ability to be price competitive. This works within the Department of Defense applications to 3D print Akuna Brass Catchers to catch military brass as shot, saving the environment and for reloading.

Mini-USA Hemp Museum, 3D printed items in hemp - Richard M. Davis is the USA Hemp Museum’s founder, curatorspeakermedia personalitypublished authorfarmer and educator. A hemp activist since the 1960’s, Davis is still building the museum to hold his over 3,000 hemp and hemp related items, while continuing to write his HEMP FOR VICTORY books.

Compurest Keyboard Stand, U.S Patent No. 5,188,321 is a keyboard writers tool that heals and prevents upper body computer injuries.  Print CompUrest in hemp plastic and fabrics.  CompUrest was invented by Bernard Hirschenson (producer/camera Keep America Beautiful and many other stylized films and commercials) and J. Nayer HardinComputer Underground Railroad

‘Here we are on 21st Century Earth, the Information Age.
Now that we are here, 
we see why the Creator needed so many folks to come.
There is a lot to do and not much to work with, 
hemp being illegal and all.
To tell you the truth, after all these years, 
we are feeling a little bit inadequate.
As a matter of fact we think we can do with some help.’

Let us know what you think.


This document was produced by USA Hemp Museum’s Richard M. DavisSherwood AkunaJ. Nayer Hardin PLUS many other activists who either participated directly or whose published research was inspirational in understanding this level of the Hemp For Victory Mission (inspiration does not imply endorsement):

Free Dana BealRev. Eddy LeppLuke ScarmazzoMarc EmeryRev. Roger Christie and all others in jail for telling or being the truth about the hemp solution to modern problems.

Back to work!  We’re doing this as part of a crop financed HEMP FOR VICTORY program!

Blog:  Hemp For Victory - Twitter - @cureworks

This material is being made available to help people get started in 3D / 4D printing

This work is also the foundation research for a future volume in the
US Hemp Museum’s HEMP FOR VICTORY book series.
Write proposals, business plans or just self incorporate the knowledge if it benefits you.
Share your story, extra knowledge, for inclusion in the research. 


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