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Hemp & 3D / 4D Printing Research Links - Draft

'3D Printing: More Amazing Than Tinkerbell's Wand'


Will 3D Printing Change the World? | Off Book | PBS
3D Printed Car Urbee 2 Announced: Light, Aerodynamic, and Custom Made
3D Printed Car Will Set New Standard for Fuel Efficiency
3D Printed Cars Could Revolutionize The Automobile
3D printing a supercar, the Citroën GT
A 3D Printing Racing Car
Jay Leno’s Garage: 3D Printer Replaces Old Parts
The World's First 3D-Printed Car Actually Works
Urbee 2 Is the 3D-Printed Car of the Future
3D Printed Car Saves Money, Energy
Ford's Gift to Engineers: MakerBot 3D Printers
Jay Leno's Garage: Faro 3D Laser Scanner
NextEngine's 3D Scanner - Jay Leno's Garage
Urbee - First 3D Printed Car Body Goes For A Test Drive, October 2011
Full Scale 3D Printed Motorcycle from Inventor
3D Printing in Ceramics
3D Concrete Printing: The Future of Construction
3D printer can build a house in 20 hours
3D printer could build a house in 20 hours
3D Printing to Revolutionize Building Industry
Algorithm-driven robot bricklayers; 3-D printing a house; and so on
Contour Crafting: 3D House Printer
Future of Construction Process_ 3D Concrete Printing - YouTube
Giant 3-D Printer to Make An Entire House in 20 Hours
Giant NASA Spider Robots Could 3D Print Lunar Base Using Microwaves?
MIT and Harvard's 3D-Printed Inchworm Robot Can Assemble Itself
Would you live in a house printed out of concrete in 20 hours?
Your Next House Could Come Out of a Printer | Popular Science
3d printing with hempcrete
Hempcrete Could Change The Way We Build Everything
Scott Summit – The Future of 3D Design
3D Printing at Home is Here! The Next Trillion Dollar Industry
3D Systems Announces Proposed Public Offering of Common Stock
Chris Dixon: 3D Printing Will Transform Manufacturing, Social Media Startups Are Facing “General Fatigue”
Could Hemp Be 1st $T Cash Crop? 3D Printing and Hempcrete
How 3-D Printing Could Disrupt the Economy of the Future
How 3-D Printing Will Turn Homes Into Mini Factories
Is 3D Printing the wave of the future?
Making Money From 3D Printing
USA Today - The New Economy: 3D Printing
3D Printed Motor Runs on Almost Nothing!
3D Printed Dress on the Catwalk at Paris Fashion Week 2013 - 
3D Printed Invisibility Cloak
3D Printing - Fashion
3D Technology Is Shapping The Fashion Industry
A Customised Concept – The DNA 3D Printed Shoe
Are 3D Printed Fabrics the Future of Eco Couture 
Hot New Shoes: 3D Printed Shoes
Iris van Herpen’s 3D Printed Pieces On the Catwalks at Paris Fashion Week
Jungeun Lee Molds Fibers into Zero-Waste Garments Without a Single Stitch
Nike makes first 3D-printed football shoe
Revealing Dita Von Teese in a Fully Articulated 3D Printed Gown
Thing Universe
"One day we will be able to  3D-print a hamburger"
3D food printer makes desert  -  
3D Printing Food
Eat your face! Chocolate that looks like you
Food Makers: 3D Printed Food
NASA Is Funding A 3D Pizza Printer
TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Pablos Holman - Printing Food
The audacious plan to end hunger with 3-D printed food
The audacious plan to end hunger with 3-D printed food
This 3D printer makes edible food
3D Printing – Glass
A 3-D Printer That Uses the Sun to Create Glass Objects Out of Sand
Geo Bling – 3D printing in gold
3D Printing Gun Revoution
ABC 7 Guns and 3D printing – Making gun parts virtually from scratch
Gun enthusiats uses 3D printer to make M16 assault rifle
License to Print: 3-D Gunmaker Defense Distributed Now Open For Business (Sorta)
No Assembly Transpired: What We Learned from Failing to 3D-Print a Gun
PC Magazine Slide Show – Gun Parts
The $25 Lulz Liberator: The first 3D-printed gun with a rifled barrel
The Extreme Dangers of 3D Printing
Watch This Guy Fire 600 Rounds With A Partially 3-D Printed Gun
World's First 3D Printed BULLETS?
Creating Mash Ups with 3D Printing
5 Key Ways That 3D Printing Could Improve The World
Printing Jewelry
The New Handmade
3D Printing Global Strategic Business Report Summary
Digital Fabrication is so much more than 3D printing
Led by Auto, Medical and Aerospace, 3D Printing to Grow into $8.4 Billion Market in 2025
The Daily Startup – Wall Street Journal Blog, 3D Scanner Maker Matterport Aims to Scan The Entire Planet. – 
Venture Beat – Assorted 3D articles 
Anthony Atala: Growing new organs
‘Chemputer’ – A 3D printer that can print pharmaceuticals
3D Printed Cell Technique Allows Material To Mimic Human-Like Tissue (VIDEO)
3D Printed Ear Binds Biology With Electronics
3-D printer helps save dying baby
3D Printing Mechanical Hands – Robohand and Makerbot
3D Printing Systems – Medical
3-D-Printed Implant Replaces 75 Percent Of Man's Skull
An inkjet made my bladder
Digital Dentistry
Medical Device Prototyping
Medical Manufacturing Technology: 3D printing and medical-device development
Surgeons Using 3D Printing
Turkey’s Dental Industry Set to Benefit from 3D Printing Solutions from EOS
3D printing with metal, titanium & aluminum demo
3D Printed Model Airplane
Everything old is new again - 3D Printer Makes Vinyl Records Out Of MP3s
ODD 3D printed guitar first sound test
Fox News” Cars, Moon Bases and even guns
Building and 3D Printing Parts
Making replacement pieces using 3d printing
This Is Scarier Than Guns… Harvard and MIT Researchers 3D Printed Self-Assembling Robots
Fully-customized, modular solar house is 3D printed prefab
Makie is a fully customizable (and slightly unsettling) 3D-printed action figure
Largest 3D Printed Wrench
Functional Tools - demonstrates a wrench being made using 3d printing
3D Printing for Green Fashion – Melissas’ Footwear Experiments
How far fashion goes using 3D printing this week
New Balance Launches Its Own 3D-Printed Shoes
3D printer in action making real 3D models - can make shoes, guns 
Obama Administration Launches Competition for Three New Manufacturing Innovation Institutes
Fact Sheet: The President’s Plan to Make America a Magnet for Jobs by Investing in Manufacturing
Obama’s 3D Printing Plans to Up US Manufacturing Take Shape
White House Looks to 3D Printing with $200 million plan For Military
Get A Federal Grant 
Get A Federal Grant To Research Marijuana booklet
Hemp Building materials - USA Hemp Museum
Hemp Building materials - USA Hemp Museum - Special Report
Hemp Food - USA Hemp Museum - Special Report
Hemp Oils - USA Hemp Museum - Special Report
USA Hemp Museum
Hemp and nuclear containment - Fix Fukushima - USA Hemp Museum - Special Report
Chris Conrad
Paint & Varnish -  Hemp Village
Paint & Varnish - USA Hemp Museum
Hemp Papers - USA Hemp Museum - Special Report
Paper - USA Hemp Museum
Hemp Plastic – DIY
Hemp Plastic - Frequently Asked Questions
Hemp Plastics - USA Hemp Museum
Hemp Plastic
Shapeways - On demand 3D Printer
4D Printing Touted as the Future of Manufacturing
3D Printing - How "Desktop Factories" will create the next trillion dollar industry.
Google Sketch-Up 8 Essential Training
3D Printing 4 Expresso Cups Timelapse - Reprap Prusa Mendel - Pouring a Dr
3D Printing a Full Size Coffee Mug on a Reprap Prusa Mendel 3D Printer
3D Printer Filament
3D Printer Filament Basics
3D printer improvements
All-Natural 3D Printers: Salt and Wood Can Be Used
FilaBot Plastic Filament Maker
Finally, a Machine That Makes Cheap 3D Printer Filament.
Lyman Filament Extruder
Make your own 3D printing filament
Make your own filament from plastic scrap
MakerBot Introduces Water Soluble 3D Printer Filament!
Open source home filament maker
Recycle Everyday Plastic into Filament
Recycling 3D printing materials
Recycling 3D printing materials: 4 possible solutions, 
Finally, a Machine That Makes Cheap 3D Printer Filament.
3D printed Gold Plated metal ring © 2010 by Dizingof
Google Sketch Up
Google Sketchup Tutorial: Cylindrical Models (Minuteman III)
3D Printer - High Resolution - Homemade - DIY
How to Build Your Own 3-D Printing Machine
3D printers change the future of manufacturing
3D Printing – How it all works
3D Systems – Printer Manufacturer
Additive Manufacturing — The Voxel Method
3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Market Research Report
How 3D Printing Will Change Manufacturing
3D Printing Heads Toward Mainstream 
Advanced Materials: Carbon Fiber, 3-D Printing, Graphene To Make Inroads
3D Printing Getting Stoned  (article on making a bong with 3D printing) -  
PC Magazine - 3D Printing: What you Need To Know – How does 3D Printing work? 
Wikipedia 3D Printing 
3d printer using sheets of A4 paper
A Whole New MakerBot: Introducing Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer
How A 3D Printer Works
How It Works Daily - How Do 3D Printers Work? 
Incomplete Rep Rap Beginners Guide
Kickstarter 3D CAD for 3D Printing Guide - How to Create a Trophy Cup
Pirate3D Reveals the price of its Buccaneer 3D Printer — An Accessible US$347
Solidoodle: The first 3D printer for $500
Building A 3D Printer with A 3D Printer
3D Printing Time Lapse Photography - Yoda
Where to find a 3D printer nearby
The Ten Principles of 3D Printing by Hod Lipson & Melba Kurman
How A 3D Printer Extruder Works
3D Printer Filament
3D Printer Stuff
Making a plastic filament extruder
Future of 3D Printing is in Paper
FilaBot Plastic Filament Maker
Make your own 3D printing filament
Maker Geeks
3D Printing Materials
Explore the widest range of materials in the 3D printing world 
ZPrinter Material Options
Incepid 3D
Print Real Objects With The MakerBot Thing-O-Matic 3D Printer
Does This Taste Like 3-D Printing to You?
3D Printer 1.75mm Transparent ABS Filament 1kg (2.2lbs) Spool
Octave 1.75mm Black ABS Filament 1kg (2.2lbs) Spool for Reprap, MakerBot, Afinia and UP! 3D Printer
Octave 1.75mm Blue ABS Filament 1kg (2.2lbs) Spool for Reprap, MakerBot, Afinia and UP! 3D Printer
Octave 1.75mm Green ABS Filament 1kg (2.2lbs) Spool for Reprap, MakerBot, Afinia and UP! 3D Printer
Octave 1.75mm Red ABS Filament 1kg (2.2lbs) Spool for Reprap, MakerBot, Afinia and UP! 3D Printer
Octave 1.75mm White ABS Filament 1kg (2.2lbs) Spool for Reprap, MakerBot, Afinia and UP! 3D Printer
Recycle Everyday Plastic into Filament
Woodn’t you know? Wooden Filament for 3D Printing
Incepid 3D
Explaining the Future: 3D Printing
T. Rowe Price – How 3D Printing Works
EduTech 3D Printing
What Is 3D Printing
Exact Metrology - Reverse Engineering – uses for 3D Scanning
4D Printing (Self-Assembly) Explained
Merging Permaculture, Open Source Ecology and 3D Printing (adding Hemp, Recylcling and Lasers, Yoga and Politics)
Self-replicating machine
3D System printer manufacturer
3D Touch 3D CAD Printer  - $3,999.00  
Airwolf 3D 
Airwolf 3D Printer AW3D V.5 + 1 LB Filament Assembled Prusa Reprap Repstrap - $1,695.00  
Amazon 3D Printers For Sale  
3D Printer Buyer’s Guide  
3D Systems Buyer’s Guide  
3D Print News – Comparison of 3D Printers   
3D Printer Hub Comparison 
3D Printing at a lower price 
The Cost of 3D Printing 
So How Much Does 3D Printing cost – UK
3D System goes high end with CubeX 3D Printers  
Cubify Systems Home 3D Printer 
DeltaMaker” An Elegant 3D Printer 
Dimension Printers  
MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer 
3D Printing – What’s out there and how much does it cost  -  
Mojo  3D Printer
3D Printer for the price of a color laser printer  
3D Printer’s Price Comparison  
Build A Rep Rap Printer
Prusa Mendel Assembly
Stratasys – For A 3D World™s  
Open Source Low Cost 3D printing  
MakeXYZ Helps You Find An Idle 3D Printer Near You 
Print To 3D Printing Service 3-5 days delivery  
3D Printer Filament
Extruder for 3D-Printer Filament
Personal filament produce machine with mini shredder
Skylar Tibbits: The emergence of "4D printing"
Michigan Tech Sponsors A 3D Printers For Peace Contest
3D Printing Revolution Needs 3D Designers
Smart Planet - 3D Printing May Put Global Supply Chains Out Of Business
MakerBot Founder: The next Industrial Revolution Is Here
3D Printing is Coming Along Way
Market Size Blog - 3D Printing
The Future of 3D Printing
TIME - How An 83 Year Old Inventor Beat The High Cost of 3D Printing
3D Printing: Personalized Production for the Mass Market
3D MAPPING & 3D MODELING: Global Advancements, Worldwide Market Size and Forecasts (2013 - 2018)
Top 100 3D Printing Cos
3d Printing Overview T Rowe Price 3D Printing Overview
A New Study from Lux Predicting the Future of 3D Printing
Achilles Heel of 3D Printing
Forbes Magazine – Manufacturing the Future – 10 Trends to Come in 3D Printing
MIT - The Future of 3D Printing Depends On The Hipsters
On 3D Printing and a world unready
Financial Times - 3D Printing – Bigger than the internet
3-D Printing Will Change the World
Manifestations: The Immediate Future of 3D Printing Buildings and Materials Science 
Are 3D Printed Fabrics the Future of Eco Couture 
Smart Planet - 3D Printing May Put Global Supply Chains Out Of Business
Many great Popular Science articles listed here
3D Printing - How "Desktop Factories" will create the next trillion dollar industry.
President Obama State of the Union on 3D Printing
3D printing: coming to a high street near you
3D Systems on the Forbes Magazine Fastest Growing List
Earnings Review: The Rise And Rise Of 3D Printing Industry
Hemp Investing  “Industrial Hemp was also legalized. It is now legal to cultivate, process, and sell industrial hemp. Used for its seed and fiber, Hemp has many industrial uses. The material is a competitive threat to paper, construction materials, fuel, and even dietary supplements.”  - 
Free Investor's report
Hot Stock Market – Investing in 3D Printing Companies – 
Investing in 3D Printing Stocks | 3D Printer – 
Market Curator 3D Printing Investment Guide – 
3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping Services in the US Industry Market Research Report from IBISWorld has Been Updated
3D Mapping & 3D Modeling: Global Advancements, Worldwide Market Size and Forecasts (2013 – 2018)
Google 3D Sketch-Up
4D Printing: Making Things That Make Themselves 
My Kindergartner Can 3D Print. So Can Yours.
The Perils And Promise Of 3D Printing: Are DIY Life Sciences In Your Future?
3D Printing Conference, Chicago
Energy-Storing Nanomaterial Made From Hemp 
Hippie Butter Hemp Foods
Reason TV - 3D Printing and the Future
Scott Summit — The Future of 3D Printing
Hey Mr. DA - Sister Somayah Kambui 
What Is 3D Printing
3D printing: A force for revolutionary change
Economic Impact of Industrial Hemp in Kentucky, July 1998
IBM Has 3D Printing on its Radar as a Transforming Technology
Introduction to 3D Printers: The Promise and Pitfalls of Desktop Manufacturing
T. Rowe Price on 3D Printing –
Will Hemp Be the First Trillion Dollar Cash Crop? Hempcrete and 3D Printing with Hemp Plastic
Bloomberg: Why 3D Printing Can make This World A Better Place
3D Printer Objet30 Pro - I want one now!
Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing
3D Printing Industry Publication
Casper Lietch
Skylar Tibbits: The emergence of "4D printing"
Think 3-D printing is cool? Try 4-D
DePalma, Free Energy and the N-Machine
Monsanto's GMO Corn Linked To Organ Failure, Study Reveals
Une Hemp Food To Solve The UN Declared World Food Crisis
DePalma, Free Energy and the N-Machine
Hemp For Victory - Jack Herer Intro
Hemp For Victory - Original Movie
Obama Announces $200 Million Program for 3D Printing and Innovation
Hemp Traders
J. Nayer Hardin
Sherwood Akuna
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
Peter Christ 
Links to articles on 3D Printing 2012
Watch Why 3D Printing Is Going To Kick Ass
Scoop It 3D printing website articles
HEMP - The most versatile illegal plant on the planet
Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute
3D printing 'bigger than internet'
3D Printing The Future of Fashion
3D Printing: If You Can Draw It, You Can Make It
3D Printing: Make anything you want
3D Printing: now printing food too
3D Printing: The Future of Manufacturing
4D Printing - Object changes under Water HD
4D Printing Self-Building Space Stations!
4D printing: The New Frontier
4D-printing: from self-assembling chairs to cancer-fighting robots
Anthony Atala: Printing a human kidney
Beginner's Course in Sketchup, Modeling a 125B Guitar Pedal Enclosure
Build a 3D Printer That You Can Take Anywhere!
Build Your Own 3d Printer
CNN Ideas: Think 3-D printing is cool? Try 4-D
FiST Chat 85: Food, Vegetarians & 3D Printers
How It's Made 3D Metal Printing
Understanding the accident of Fukushima Daiichi NPS - Source IRSN
Radiation Network
3D Printing Store
Disruptions: On The Fast Track To Routine 3D Printing
The 3D Printer Experience
3D Printed Tapestry
3D Systems
Desktop Factories 
Dynamism Makerbot
Solid scape
Additive Manufacturing — Fashion
The Era of Retail 3D Prining Begins
Staples Sells First 3D Printer
3D Printing Industry / Retail
Video: iMakr 3D Printing Store Grand Opening in London


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