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Hemp and 3D Printing

I rarely agree with anyone in government and President Barack Obama is not the exception to that.  He is right about the future of 3D printing and it's ability to be a revolutionary tool, especially if we use hemp paper, plastics, concrete (hempcrete), woods, foods, etc. as a major raw material to create what we need and want without much economic consideration.  

How would your life be different if you could just print whatever you need?  Believe it or not, that's the potential found in the technology known as 3D printing. The more I look at this technology the more I see Genesis 11:6 "..nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do." Already folks are printing everything from human organs to food to guns (which even changes the current gun control conversation to focus on the fingers on the triggers - not background checks that are impossible when folks are printing their own guns that shoot now up to 600 rounds - look to the psycho active drugs the mass killers are on). 

The potential impact on the world's economy, in a word, healing. 3D / 4D printing gives us the ability to create the things we want in life.

So of course my next question is how can we incorporate hemp into the 3d printing evolution?  The answer is hemp (plastics, foods, building materials, inks, etc.) is the perfect raw material to fuel the 3D Printing process.  Hemp even has applications in making the 3D printers too.

Because hemp is such a quick growing, low cost and versatile plant, everyone could have affordable access so they can build their world they way they want.  

Though the research is still being compiled, the possibilities are mind blowing.  The many links below are the initial research done by a group of marijuana activists (too many to list here now - more on them in future posts) on the two empowerment tools, 3D Printing - Hemp.  

A tiny list for hemp links and key participants in this research are the USA Hemp Museum, Time4Hemp, The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation, Hippie Butter Hemp Foods, and countless others found via search engines, that cover many of the 50,000 products hemp can make - that's pre 3D printer.   We are limited only by our imaginations here since we have access to vital information on how to use hemp in all its forms to solve our problems now.  I don't know about you, but I'm loving the information age.  Truth is setting us free.

If you only read one article on 3D Printing this is the link –

THE GAME HAS CHANGED.  The technology of 3D printing allows us to print anything from food to human organs to guns to wrenches and many other things we can use every day, at a much more economical cost than currently available.  Use hemp and the prices can come down radically, while producing a healthy, toxic free product.

This article’s purpose is to provide an overview of the 3D Printing Industry  -  for the purpose of creating a mastermind alliance to discuss the many ways hemp can be incorporated to upgrade the process.

For information on hemp start with the . Below is a series of links with more information on 3D printing.  These links are still in the process of being reviewed.

Harvard Business Review - 3D printing will change the world 

MIT - The Future of 3D Printing Depends On The Hipsters

3D Printing - How "Desktop Factories" will create the next trillion dollar industry.

CNBC - MakerBot Founder: The next Industrial Revolution Is Here

Smart Planet - 3D Printing May Put Global Supply Chains Out Of Business

Are 3D Printed Fabrics the Future of Eco Couture 

Many great Popular Science articles listed here

Manifestations: The Immediate Future of 3D Printing Buildings and Materials Science (Article written in November, 2011)

Links to articles on 3D Printing 2012

How 3D Printing Will Change Manufacturing
More research links 

3d Printing - Executive Summary

Webeos – Web videos

Functional Tools -  demonstrates a wrench being made using 3d printing

Financial Times - 3D Printing – Bigger than the internet -  - 3D printing is going to change how we learn, how we create and how we manufacture


Homemade weapons, increased health benefits due to lower lab costs, inexpensive architecture and artistic design (In three years 3D scanners have gone from $30,000 to $3,000 to—$0.00?! AutoDesk’s free 123D Catch app is now available for the iPhone and iPad.), Infrastructure creation and efficiency, and less manufacturing pollution

What Is The Investment Community Saying About 3D Printing?

Hemp Investing  “Industrial Hemp was also legalized. It is now legal to cultivate, process, and sell industrial hemp. Used for its seed and fiber, Hemp has many industrial uses. The material is a competitive threat to paper, construction materials, fuel, and even dietary supplements.  -

What Is The Media Saying About 3D Printing? 

How Does 3D Printing Work?

What Materials Are Being Used Now In 3D printing?

Recycling 3D printing materials: 4 possible solutions,, Materials covered include: ABS- Recycling existing 3D printing materials, Glass-Using materials that are already recycled as 3D printing materials, PLA- Bioplastics, Recyclebot-recycling on location (home based recycling – this is where we can do home based hemp businesses’).

What Are The Applications?

3D Printers Costs & Comparisons


3D Printing & Hemp

Hemp Plastic
Frequently Asked Questions -

3D Printing Getting Stoned  (article on making a bong with 3D printing) -  

Other Links – Some Are Duplicates

High resolution 3D Printers

3D System printer manufacturer

Info on the 3D Printing Industry & Innovations (i.e. put a 3D printer in a mall and let folks make their duplicates)

TIME - How An 83 Year Old Inventor Beat The High Cost of 3D Printing
PC Magazine Slide Show – Gun Parts

Forbes Magazine – Manufacturing the Future – 10 Trends to Come in 3D Printing

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Venture Beat – Assorted 3D articles

3D Systems – Printer Manufacturer

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J Bjarmars said...

3D Printing with environ friendly Hemp plastic would be fine Mr. President.

How about that? Hemp plastic Computers, Cars, Trains, Plains, and everything else that can be made out of Plastic, paper or fiber as well as fuel and Medicine all from the one plant you fight against so vigorously.

OneLove - JBB