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How To Fix Fukushima

 ‘If we do not change our direction 
we are likely to end up where we are headed for’
Chinese Proverb

(Video & ideas 2017 update to this article)

The way to fix Fukushima is to combine technology and respected nature with common sense.  This triple nuclear meltdown that began on 3/11/2011 has put a reported over 300 tons of highly radioactive water - a day - into the Pacific Ocean and is emitting airborne radiation too.  

This is an extinction level event, unless we fix it now.  The situation is already harming life on earth and our failure to sufficiently address it is resulting in catastrophic consequences. The only hope we have to fix this situation is pooling our resources and working together in a logical fashion.

Now is the time to put "Mankind over money!" 

We are at a historic convergence of tools that can help us implement an effective solution. Since the problem from TEPCO’s Fukushima nuclear plant fallout is excess radiation, the solution is to put ample radiation shields around it, 360 degrees, above and below, entombing the damaged buildings like what was built at Chernobyl, only more durable with a greater reach.  

Simultaneously, since increased radiation exposure increases cancer and other illness rates, we need to combat the health effects we know are here, and still coming, as a result of chronic, increased radiation exposure.

The tools we have to balance this situation are, like ancient Babylon, biblical in scope; computers, construction grade 3D Printing, strong barrier building materials, advanced robotics, survival instinct, etc. For example, the technique of "Contour Crafting," an industrial application for 3D printing, can print a house in 24 hours. Shielded, remotely controlled robots and drones could handle the detail and maintenance work. 

Here’s some ideas (not in any particular order) on how we can both entomb Fukushima and deal with the health issues that come from the increased radiation exposure.

Dr Masaru Emoto talks about Industrial Hemp
as a solution to Fukushima

1. ENTOMB! Construct a sarcophagus around Fukushima’s buildings and water pools/tanks to effectively contain this triple nuclear meltdown.  Use the construction technology of 3D/4D printing to build the object shelters by printing layers of radiation shields. Behorkh Khoshnevis of the University of Southern California, has a great design for the application of what he calls Contour Crafting.

This construction technique builds on large/huge mobile construction gantries with suspended 3D / 4D 5D printers that build/print around the areas that are radiating...the buildings and the tanks too. Enclose the pools used to hold the contaminated cooling waters too.  Printed encasement layers could include:

Layer A – Hempcrete – a strong hemp based concrete. The building that the Jesuit priests were in that survived Hiroshima bombing was made of plaster. The Atomic dome was made of concrete. Hemp makes both.

Layer B and B1 – Lead and Tungsten, blend or separate layers, whatever works best. Removing lead can help reduce violent behavior.
Layer C - Steel which is being developed as a material for Chernobyl’s entombment. (May not be needed but since it was part of Chernobyl's strategy and the printers can print metals too, why not?  The problem will be here way after we're gone, unless we balance, confine the excess nuclear radiation.
Layer D – Hemp plastic, it is waterproof and 10x stronger than steel.
Layer E - Magnetic - Like NASA magnetic shielding for space travel survival as a way to reduce indoor nuclear radiation exposure levels

To either build new buildings or build shells around all other existing structures, building and securing with radical weather and other climate change factors, we must utilize new age printing (3D, 4D. 5D and beyond.) The video below is a quick animation of the contour crafting building technique that can use hemp as a raw resource material.  It is a technique very much like the old dot matrix printers of placing materials where required to make an object. when the jump to laser based printing is complete, structures can  be built much faster.

Print the entombment in scientifically calculated and configured depths with rounded edges to allow winds and water to go around the structure rather than leave it vulnerable to wear and tear, especially from extreme weather, earthquake and flood conditions.

Since 3D printing prints with mass, it is possible for us to add other things and concepts to the printing recipe.  

For example, I asked the noted scientist, activist and friend David Crockett Williams 'is there a way to re-design a Faraday cage to contain the radiation like the cage does with electricity and what could we add to the entombment mixture to make it more radiation absorbent?.  

Williams responded 

"Well, as far as I know the properties of the radioactivity radiation are such that the radiation is not effected by electromagnetism to where the faraday cage can shield such radiation electromagnetically.  

But there is some property of boron or borates like tetrasodium borate like they use for air drops of fire repellent, but that "quenches" radioactivity.  

Like if you added borate to cement to increase its effectiveness in shielding radiation.  Radioactivity radiation needs a thicker medium than a layer of wires like the faraday cage.  

Water actually absorbs such radiation pretty well and they use that in the fuel pools not only to cool the fuel rods but to absorb their radiation by the water molecules.  

I suspect it would only take about 10-20 feet of some kind of borate jello to absorb all the radioactivity from being transmitted, but never really studied the best options, or what they finally did and are still doing to maintain safeguards at Chernobyl."  

This is why the world needs to work together, to come up with the best ideas and implement them, with the web it's not that difficult to do.  We just need the will. [Asking Williams to chair a team of scientists to kick around on line how to fix Fukushima].

Energy: Power the plant, water pools construction and maintenance with dual free energy systems, i.e. magnetic, solar and/or hydro. Use shielded, wire commanded and power delivered systems for heavy earth moving equipment and robots for maintenance tasks.

Structural Note: Tunneling under the plant is necessary to build a 360 degree sarcophagus where the entire structure is in place to keep the excess radiation from leaking further into the air and ocean. Should the land under the plant be washed/eroded away, the structure may have to float on its's own. Let science calculate the structure and tunneling depths while planning for all possible contingencies.

2. HEAL!

Hemp Oil (Medical)

Canadian Hero - Rick Simpson
Interviews and Speech

(Consider using SuperCritical CO2 to remove the oil from the buds, then cook it down)

Deal with the health problems associated with Fukushima. Stop the war on drugs at the foundation, the United Nations, so people can grow medical grade cannabis to make it into the cancer cure oil and other medical marijuana healing remedies. Make the oil using supercritical CO2 extraction and cook it down in a crock pot to the correct consistency. There are other effective non-toxic therapies, MMS, hydrotherapy, etc. to help deal with acute radiation syndrome and cancers we know come from the increased radiation exposure. Whatever materials are needed should be readily available for free if necessary.

Incorporate Dr. Joel Wallach’s vitamins/minerals and wind pollinated hemp foods (in case the bee die off continues) for their nutritional benefits to nutritionally strengthen our bodies in earth’s elevated radiation environment. Promote a hemp flour based textured vegetable protein to better nourish folks as a result of both radiation and GMOs.

Dr. Joel Wallach - The Best of Dead Doctors Don't Lie

The bottom line is we need to apply common sense health and healing, do what works, to protect ourselves and/or heal from the effects of increasing chronic radiation exposure.   

3. PLANT! Phytoremediate by planting hemp, with its 6’ root system, to aerate and repair the soil. Also plant the radiation eating mushrooms identified by the Albert Einstein Institute, found growing around Chernobyl. Hydroponically grow these mushrooms in the pools of highly radiated water too. These high melanin mushrooms eat/absorb the radiation. These mushrooms still need to be safely and properly disposed of according to Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear during his appearance on Time4Hemp. The benefits of removing excess radiation via mushrooms rather than air and water seem obvious, though still researching. Shielded robots can do gardening and processing tasks without close range human supervision.  

Time4Hemp Solution Summit Keynote - Pt. 1
Casper Leitch, Paul Stanford, Todd McCormick

4. RETROFIT! Fortify residential and commercial buildings with radiation reducing shells/structures built with rounded edges to better combat weather damage. Finance animal heroes to protect wildlife from increased radiation exposure. Offer free science educational programs to encourage good ideas in solving this problem. Factor in radiation testing in food preparation.  

5. LIVE WISELY! Shut down not only dangerous nuclear power plants, but we must move away from all toxic energy.  For more information on hemp visit the USA Hemp Museum, Richard M. Davis founder and curator.  To learn how to qualify for and use medical marijuana contact Paul Stanford’s THCF Clinics.  To be on the cutting edge of how to use hemp to make our world better, take Time4Hemp. Casper Leitch has just expanded his 20+ year old radio show into an international network to bring activist information concerning the hemp solution, entertainment, prayers and other helpful tips.

A Peaceful Solution, by Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute


Books by the late, great Richard M. Davis
Founder and Curator, USA Hemp Museum

Hemp is a biomass champion as explained in H4VAGWS. Learn why we must use hemp now to help fix our environment. Hemp is a needed crop that is easily renewable, pulls excess CO2 from the atmosphere as it grows and has a six foot root system that aerates soil.

Free .pdf - Hard copy for sale on Amazon.


Medical marijuana has been used as effective medicine during at least the last 5,000 years. This book is a collection of papers and recipes for incorporating medical grade cannabis leaves, buds and oils into your health and/or healing program. We should all be on medical cannabis.

Free .pdf - Hard copy for sale on Amazon.

Hemp is already America’s #1 cash crop. The fastest way to heal the economy is by stopping the drug war and re-starting a United Nations based Hemp For Victory program.  Learn how hemp is an agriculturally based economic powerhouse of raw material.

Free .pdf - Hard copy for sale on Amazon

Other Hemp For Victory Mission Action Plan Projects / Drafts In Process

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(A N- Machine is a magnetic generator that works with
a Faraday Motor to create free, clean energy)

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