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High Quality Hemp / Marijuana Oil For Fukushima Illness

Article By: USA Hemp Museum and Computer Underground Railroad Ent.
“Nuclear power is one hell of a way to boil water”
Albert Einstein

Problem: Fukushima Health Issues

If you get all your news from traditional media, you may not know this. 

General Electric’s nuclear Mark 1 Containment System that TEPCO used in its plant in Fukushima is having, since March, 2011, triple nuclear meltdowns.  The radiation spewing into the air, water and land is an extinction level event unless we address it now.  Earth is in danger of being transformed into hell as a result of our decision to use toxic nuclear energy instead of clean, safe and free energy sources. 

To fulfill our responsibility to seven generations ahead, we must do whatever is necessary to stop psychopathic, evil, and stupid policies in the way of continuing life on earth, like nuclear energy.  Evil is live spelled backwards – like the satanic folks do when they say The Lord’s Prayer -- backwards.  It is time to heed the advice of that great liberator Harriet Tubman and “GO FORWARD!”

In addition to health issues, other problems we need to deal with include greed and incompetence. For example, Rick Simpson’s oil that is curing cancers, one of the health issues that come from chronic increased radiation exposure, is sometimes sub standard when hand made using toxic chemicals. 

The quality of some oil on the underground market is poor because of processing.  The current recommended procedure in the hands of the less than properly educated is having the logical outcome manifest…or what happens when stupid and toxic/explosive substances meet. 

Solution: Medical Marijuana i.e. Rick Simpson Cure Oil

The way to save ourselves is to immediately support actions that solve our problems now.  Stopping the drug war is a powerful first step because it frees up hemp, an answered prayer.  Like Willie Nelson sings, hemp is A Peaceful Solution.

Richard M. Davis of the USA Hemp Museum is so right when he calls hemp a biomass champion. The short explanation on how to use hemp to help fix Fukushima is use hemp building materials, lead & tungsten to entomb the nuclear plant and the water holding tanks by shielded robots and 3D/4D printers; consume hemp foods because they are wind pollinated, nutritious green leafy vegetables recommended to help build our immune systems; plant hemp for phytoremediation; and of course the wide rage of products and services medical marijuana offers to deal with the cancers and other health issues.

Now is the time to focus the hemp solution to Fukushima on our health, specifically Rick Simpson's oil, a “hemp balm” that helps heal both the cancers we know are here and will come from Fukushima.

Activist and hemp hero Rick Simpson did the world a huge service as keeper of the recipe to make the balm, which is arguably the anointing/healing oil that both Moses (Exodus 30:25) and Jesus (Mark 6:13) used in their mission work.  Rick and his associate Jindřich Bayer have worked tirelessly to get the word out that the oil cures cancer plus a whole lot more.

Everyone who wants to should have access to both hemp seed oil and hemp bud/leaf oil to help save their lives. When it is legal to grow our own, and it should be legal all over the world, we can make the balm from the oils in the cannabis buds and leaves, cleanly and safely extracted, cooked down to the correct strength, and taken daily as needed.  

The issue is how to make available massive amounts of hemp oil (medical and other) to the public safely, quickly and economically.  As with anything else Quality Is Job One!

Business Opportunity:

National Cannabis Industry Association is a good place to start.  Consider using super critical C02 extraction (the technique used to remove oil from coffee beans to make decaf) (scCO2x) as the first step in making the balm by pulling pure cannabis oil from buds and leaves so folks can cook it down to the desired consistency or consume it as an ingredient in cooking  For example, the late Sister Somayah Kambui and I use to put hemp oil into our morning espresso.  Delicious! We called it ‘Bitches Brew’ and produced many Million/Global Marijuana Marches in Los Angeles, CA off the beverage. 

Casper Leitch, on a recent Time4Hemp show with joint host Kelly Kriston of KDK Distributors, said when trying a new form of marijuana consumption, dabbing, that he could taste something other than the oil in the final product and it was scratchy on his throat.  ScCO2x is a gas based procedure and leaves no toxic residue as it produces clean, high quality oil.  Stress kills and hemp at medical and higher grades reduces stress.  This is not nuclear science, it is the science of hemp

The reason 2014 will be a break out year is because of our triumph in the marketplace for the fastest growing industry in the USA, legal marijuana in 20 states.  Since the product is popular and many banks can’t handle dispensaries money, the cash rich businesses can capitalize on ancillary markets by purchasing the scCO2x equipment needed to offer a service processing local growers plants for the cannabis oil or purchasing excess plants for processing and grading.  No need for greed to be happy.

Medical marijuana dispensaries can offer their own brands, i.e. Potlandia Pure Hemp Balm™, of the Rick Simpson oil.  The business model is basically the way folks bring in dry cleaning, they will bring or send in their home grown plants for the oil to be pulled, or just purchase pure oil in a bottle.  Old school yet with many modern applications.  Of course it can be done on line with PayPal and a good quality shipping service. Modern!

There is a need to re-develop the hemp processing market for the 50,000 plus uses for this versatile plant.  As more and more citizens grow their own plants, they will need businesses they can trust to bring their plants for processing into useful materials.


I want to be 100 years old when I grow up. If for no reason other than Fukushima, everyone should be on the Rick Simpson oil made using scCO2x.  Folks and critters should have access to as much oil as needed, regardless of economic or social status if they choose this therapy.  ScCO2x is a safe and efficient means to pull the oil from the plant so folks can have a high quality base material to use to help save our lives.

I strongly suspect that the recent economic gains governments are reporting are based on the fast growing marijuana business.  Allowing Mom and Pop shops to fill this market void will do a lot to achieve the successfully hemped economic vision of Sister Somayah Kambui ‘…let our people grow, so we don’t have to be poor, no more.’

Veterans and Hemp Heroes
The late

Richard M. Davis


Sister Somayah Kambui
Crescent Alliance Self Help
For Sickle Cell

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