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How to approach the Mormon Church about using Ibogaine to solve the drug problem?

The Drugs, Inc. from National Geographic 
showing a priest talking about selling drugs 
from his cut out Book Of Mormon
was taken down recently

Now they want you to pay them to see it.

Here's a CNN piece on the subject
of the Salt Lake City drug problem

Update 2/9/2015

A Proposal To: 
The Mormon Church The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints 

Answered Prayer: 
Ibogaine, Nature’s Addiction Recovery Solution 
Paper is posted

Original Article 

How to approach the Mormon Church about using Ibogaine to solve the drug problem?

As an old school hippie, I see Ibogaine and medical marijuana as the same thing, effective, illegal plant medicines we can use to heal.  It's time to declare the age of stupid over. A good place to start is by using nature's solution to crack / cocaine and other addictive drugs, Ibogaine. Though Ibogaine helps with other illnesses, like Parkinson's Disease, for the purposes of this piece, let's focus on drug addiction.

A mastermind alliance is being built to approach the Mormon Church with the idea of using Ibogaine to solve the problem of drug addiction both within the Church and the greater community. 

I spoke with Dana Beal about the best way to accomplish this mission and he suggested running the idea by a few folks he really respects, which is being done. By whatever means you got to this page, please share your ideas in the comments section below.

The catalyst for this idea is two fold.

1. Thanks to Dana and the work done by his Yippie Museum, I’ve known about and advocated for Ibogaine since the 1990’s. National Geographic had a program on earlier this year about the Church’s extensive drug problem on their Drugs Inc. series - Salt Lake Sinners.  The foundation task is to help the Church see the advantages of using Ibogaine (a Latter Day Saints / LDS tool, a gift from one of The Lord’s plants) to help folks heal and institute a program in the Church. A blog entry is up on the concept, the second half containing references to various bible scriptures that point to 'this is the right thing to do.'

2. The New Testament is about Jesus solving problems at the level of cause. During my unrelated healing and for the past five years from time to time I pray with some Mormon folks, and have been to the church many times.  I cannot be a Mormon over issues of cannabis, computers, clothes and coffee, though I’ve studied, underlined and noted my copies of the complete Mormon Bible, which includes the KJV of the bible too.  There is a pro cannabis Mormon group on FaceBook that posts regularly so we may be down to three.

Initial questions as the proposal is being written are:

A. What do you think of the idea and how can it be made better? 

B. What do you think is the best way to approach the Church with this idea? 

C. Is there a way to coordinate LDS members who have healed with or witness to Ibogaine in action with the Church leadership, preferably an on line conference that’s recorded? 

One more thing.  As part of his brilliant lifetime of service, Dana is working to raise the funds to save the historic Yippie Museum, the source of this idea

With 80% ofAmericans close to or below the poverty level (and that was 2013), a little better (reported numbers) in 2014, plus a programming glitch that was on his Go Fund Me page, fundraising is slow.  If you can donate anything, even $5-$50 please do so now. It's up to us to save ourselves.

"Nature's solution to crack, cocaine has been illegal more than 50 years and it's called Ibogaine."

Ibogaine heals drug addictions
My original article is posted


Bottom Line - Don't Bother.
Going forward anyway!

Thanks to my local Mormon Church
I know Mormons are great people.

I read the Mormon Bible
King James Version of Christian Bible,
Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, 
Pearl of Great Price and Articles of Faith
I refuse to give up.

To all who said I was crazy to approach the
Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
about how to solve the drug problem with Ibogaine,
based on results, you are right!


Thanks for the warning. It helped when I was turned down.

Though Ibogaine is an 'instrument of ministry' (Num. 4:12)
for those who have 'entereth into the service' (Num. 4:30)
solving the problem of drug addiction is not a priority.

  Update 3/2/2015
I've been turned down by the Mormon Transhumanist Association
The answer is no because they have too many submissions.
But I can pay to go to the conference and network.

Dear Nayer,

We wish to thank you again for your submission to the 2015 Annual Conference of the Mormon Transhumanist Association. Due to the large number of submissions we received, your presentation was not selected for inclusion in the conference timeline. We appreciate your willingness to participate in the conference, and we hope you'll still register for the conference and engage your topics with us there and during the after-conference dinner.

Many Thanks,

Carl Youngblood
VP and Chief Operations Officer
Mormon Transhumanist Association

Due to multiple brain seizures I was unable to attend.

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