Monday, September 08, 2014

The World Is Taking Time4Hemp - Great New Broadcast Network

Based on the growing relevance of marijuana legalization, audiences are taking Time4HempCasper Leitch’s Time4Hemp Broadcasting Network (T4HBN) is a quarter century treasure of marijuana / hemp based interviews, music and discussion by many of the key forces behind marijuana legalization i.e. Chris ConradPeter Christ,Paul StanfordMary Lynn Mathre and Al BurnsJeanie HererDean Becker,Michael KrawitzKelly KristenMike Bifari, etc. uniting the marijuana movement in a historic fashion, bringing together hemp activists, musicians, prayer warriors, business people, medical professionals, inventors, farmers, etc. from around the world in an innovative, entertaining way. 

The synergy is sparking ideas and applications. 

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T4HBN is a flavorful array of original programming featuring marijuana related talk, news, educational and music entertainment.  As marijuana achieves mainstream acceptance, T4HBN delivers a dynamic, wide range of guests i.e. Lester Grinspoon, Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong, Todd McCormick, Ed Rosenthal, Peter  Christ and so many more. Time4Hemp’s archive is a Who’s Who in the marijuana movement, a place to learn what’s really going on and how to apply the hemp solution from the best in the fields.

There is no one more qualified in the marijuana movement than Casper to pull this off.  After a career in advertising, he was Jack Herer’s assistant when ‘The Emperor Wears No Clothes” was published. In 1991 Casper created Time4Hemp, which featured dynamic activists Chris Conrad, Jack Herer, Dana Beal, Lynette Shaw….. Over the almost quarter century run on the airwaves, T4H has moved from a weekly cable show to broadcasting 5 days a week on American Freedom Radio to an international network.  

“When AFR closed down I got an idea that since so many folks were tuning into Time4Hemp, they would also be interested in more of this type of marijuana specific programming. 

We have the technology via my  Time4Hemp website, SoundCloud, IHeart Radio, Spreaker, etc. so I went for it.  My brother/friend Sasha Gomon is extremely tech savvy and does an amazing job producing and keeping us technically sharp. I contacted some of my other family/friends from all over the world offering them an opportunity to have their own radio program featuring their areas of expertise.  The result is nothing short of positively astonishing as we move ever closer to HEMP FOR VICTORY.”

As interest grows in marijuana, so does Time4Hemp’s audience size and focus.  People who tune into this powerful network are open to marijuana related ideas and products, meaning direct advertising reach without wasted impressions.  Because the hemp solution is so important to world survival, all programming is free to listeners with the encouragement to ‘share with family and friends.’ 

T4HBN broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Original programs include : Dean Becker, Drug Truth Network; Mike Bifari, Time4Hemp Español; Steve Bloom, The CelebStoner Show; Mikki Conrad, Chris Conrad and Jeremy Daw, Leaf Radio; Steve Danks, HempWorks; Lennice Werth, The Cannabis View; Doug McVay, From Thought To Action;  Jason Wilcox, The Cannabis in Canada Show; Kevin Corn and Norphblat Forsgren, Trips Through Reality; TJ the DJ, Hits and High Notes; Farid Ghehioueche, Time4Hemp – French; Judge James Gray  Specials; Al Graham, The P.A.C.E. Radio Show; Kristin Flor and Joe Grumbine, News From The Front Lines;  Prof. Anndrea Hermann, M.Sc iHemp Radio; Tere Joyce, Hollywood Hemptress Hour; Michael Krawitz, International Cannabis Report, Museum Radio Hour; Casper Leitch, TIME 4 HEMP – LIVE; LS Love, Medical Marijuana Radio; Mary Lynn Mathre and Al Byrne Cannabis Patients Out of Time: Carl Olsen, Carl’s Cannabis Corner; Paul Stanford, Cannabis Common Sense; Ben Swann, Truth In Media Commentary and Special Reports; Lanny Swerdlow, RN LNC, Compassion and Common Sense; Tim Tipton, COLORADO WE CANnabis Radio; Emi Fantasia and John Lemon, The Nobis – T4H Japanese; Muck Sticky, Making Noise.

Other broadcast outlets in process include

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