Wednesday, April 11, 2018

New Hemp Cities(c) Update Spring 2018

Let's solve the world's housing problem for both those without homes and those who need housing upgrades quickly, affordably and constructed to meet end users lifestyle needs. 

How? Consider these questions concerning the solution New Hemp Cities offers our housing crisis.

1.  In this age of climate change, does building off the grid environmentally sound structures that are waterproofradiation reducing using NASA space travel research, in house vertical farming, self assembling and dome shaped buildings to reduce wind damage make sense?

2. Does using the 3d printing art and science called contour crafting that can build a 2,000 sq. ft. structure in less than 24 hours at 60% below traditional construction costs or 3d printing self assembling buildings make sense?

3. Given the environmental, economic and nuclear situations we are dealing with, does New Hemp Cities brand of environmentally conscious new housing plus retrofitting existing structures make sense?

New Hemp Cities is a brand in development and a proposed series of locations in high altitude areas on aquifers. It is the result of a dream to 3d print environmentally conscious buildings to enhance and save lives. They are being designed to help us survive global warming, climate change, wind storms, flooding and elevated radiation levels, like the result of dumping 300-400 tons of highly radioactive water into the ocean daily from Fukushima plus other nuclear plants and waste. 

The ocean levels are rising and we will be moving large populations inland from coastal cities like New York and Los Angeles. To understand just one of the sources, start by watching ice melt in a microwave. It's the ice above the water level that will be the source of the rising ocean. 

In the face of radical climate change, it makes sense to strengthen our structures and build stronger buildings in the future.

What is meant by environmentally conscious is that we factor in surviving climate change and natural disasters into our designs, like what would happen if there was a heat or radiation wave where all the ice melted as discussed above. 

These structures are being developed so that they are fire retardant with the use of hempcrete, waterproof as a result of strong hemp plastic, radiation shielded based on NASA's magnetic shielding for space travel, rounded to make them windproof, dome shaped to make them earthquake resistant, completely off the grid where possible (i.e. water source) and self assembling.

New Age Printing

The art and science of technology is growing so fast that by the time 3d printing takes hold (produces in height, width and depth), 4d printing (self assembling) and 5d printing (base that item is printed on moves, making stronger items) are already here. Rather than get caught up on the style, my focus is new age printing which even covers the jump to laser printing. I write the phrase 3d printing as a shorthand for all the great advances here now and ahead.

3d printing works like a traditional computer and printer. Rather than print in two dimensions height and width, it prints in three adding depth. 

In building construction (contour crafting) the printers, suspended from gantries, take instructions and do what they are told, i.e. put concrete here, plastic there, repeat laying concrete until it reaches 12' ceilings, etc. So we can use 3d printing's contour crafting technique can build a 2,000 foot structure in less than 24 hours off of a computer file.



3d printing roads

So, since we can 3d print a house, in whatever configuration we want, of course using Google Earth and other programs/apps combined with 3d printing, we can 3d print additional layers of roads either above, below or next to existing highways to relieve traffic by at least 50% of current flow. It could be set with a fast lane for folks going around downtown and standard roads for locally exiting traffic. There is plenty of room to trail blaze using a multi-story highway system. Because the field of 3d printing our infrastructure is so new common sense counts. We can answer the question based on how inexpensive 3d printing roads can be when done on a large scale, 'What good is having a car that can do 200 MPH when there are no roads that one can drive on that fast?" Possibly folks will pay a toll to drive on the 200 MPH road.

Vertical Farming

An ancillary market is vertical farming which is a great use for existing buildings plus 3d printed ones as well as a way to supply the additional food and raw resource materials necessary for rapid growth. Plenty of jobs and more folks willing to work on indoor computerized farming than out in the fields...better quality food too.

Since the 1980's I've taught that computers and other technology are keys out of the biblical Babylon. We can speak the same language, no longer confounded, build ideas from a larger pool of thought. They are tools to help us save ourselves. Let's use them wisely.

Here's a link to the big New Hemp Cities report that is currently being transformed from an assemblage of 680 pages of research to an accurate business plan. A blog post from 2016 both explains the project is posted here.

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