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Use Hemp and 3D Printing To Fix Fukushima

Fukushima's triple nuclear meltdown is an extinction level event and we in the hemp and the 3D Printing (4D Printing too) communities are uniquely qualified to help heal this horror.  Hemp based and other printer filaments can entomb the buildings plus build the water tanks. Hemp medicine, as in medical marijuana especially Rick Simpson's oil, can help heal the cancers. Hemp phytoremediation can help clean the soil. Of course recreational (reducing stress which contributes to cancers) and spiritual (we need a lot of prayer and meditation) uses have obvious applications.

Turns out Jack Herer, Dana BealPaul Stanford, Richard M. Davis, Casper Leitch, Chris Conrad and many others in the marijuana movement are right. Hemp can save the planet, in this case we're discussing the radiation oozing out of the damaged energy plant

Industrial hemp makes strong, easily renewable building materials. 
The main problem, lack of truthful information since this crisis started, is solved. Finally we're getting some real information on the radiation from Fukushima.  

Maybe due to the failure of the ice wall to stop the up to 400 tons a day of radioactive water each day "leaking" into the Pacific Ocean, people are paying attention to Mitsuhei Murata and many others have issued a call for us to fix this situation that I suggest we answer loudly.   
1. Entomb! 3D Printing's contour crafting technique allows us to build complex structures remotely and quickly. Chernobyl did not end humanity in great part because of the series of sarcophagus built. To entomb Fukushima we can use the 3D printing technique of contour crafting the plant in layers of hempcrete, lead, tungsten with a hemp plastic (rounded edges) exterior. Through robot arms or suspending the printers from construction gantries, we can manage the operation through shielded robots and remotely controlled big earth moving equipment.
2. Build! Use contour crafting to build the multi story water tanks that double as radiation reduction pools too. There are water radiation cleaning methods that may need more development which should be applied. The water wall that the Tokyo Electric Power Company, TEPCO, wanted to be build could be made from hemp plastic in properly calculated depths.
3. Phytoremediate! Plant hemp plus the radiation eating mushrooms identified by the Albert Einstein Institute growing around Chernobyl. [I've read they are already growing wild around Fukushima but I have no confirmation.]
4. Heal! Because of the cancers, everyone should be on a strong nutritional program and Rick Simpson’s cannabis oil. Dr. Joel Wallach's system of  Youngevity vitamins/minerals and other qualified nutritional programs can help fight the cancers too. 
5. Retrofit! Print layers of radiation reducing material to build a shell around existing structures, again with the 3D printing technique of contour crafting to reduce indoor radiation. Since hemp plastic is 10 times stronger than steel, this could also help with surviving other environmental dramas.
More details on how to fix Fukushima can be found on these pages.

Overview: http://hempnayer.blogspot.com/2013/10/how-to-fix-fukushima.html

Rick Simpson's cannabis oil: http://www.phoenixtears.ca

Initial research links on how to remove radiation from water: https://www.facebook.com/j.nayer.hardin/posts/10152630072677710

Hemp and 3D / 4D Printing:

Hemp and 3D / 4D Printing additional research links

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Contour Crafting



August 23, 2014
To prevent Fukushima from causing the ultimate global catastrophe.
Mitsuhei Murata
Former Ambassador to Switzerland
Executive Director, Japan Society for Global System and Ethics
Fukushima constitutes a global security issue. Fukashima is out of control and the situation at the site is dangerously worsening. The Japanese government and Tokyo Electric Company(Tepco) have lost credibility both at home and abroad. Nearly 3 and half years after the Accident, Japan is at a loss how best to cope with the current situation. The crisis of Japan as a nation is being tackled with as a crisis of the management of Tepco !
The drastic change of the present faulty system is urgently needed by dint of powerful international cooperation.
The time limit has been attained.
Global security issue
Read more on this powerful call to action at the link below

Thanks to the late, great Mitshuei Murata for this a call for help. We are out of time and must heal the situation of this extinction level eventEveryone should be involved. Radiation does not care if one is homeless or lives with many houses, rich or poor, accomplished or a bum. High levels of nuclear radiation is an equal opportunity killer.

Nothing is impossible, not even fixing Fukushima, which is the damaged GE designed TEPCO nuclear power plant, located at the edge of the Pacific Ocean at the beginning of global warming in Japan.  The effect of this disaster is spreading radiation all over the northern hemisphere through wind and water currents and will be heading south.

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