Saturday, March 08, 2014

Time4Clues Playlist: Hemp And Other Solutions To Fukushima

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"Houston, we have a problem." Compiled here are many videos to view on Fukushima's Triple Nuclear Meltdown and other radiation crisis situations, including solution ideas like phytoremediationThe playlists open with music to give you time to light up, think and take notes.

There are many videos in each category to view so choose what suites you. The commercials have a skip button after 5 seconds or so. Support the advertisers when beneficial.

It's time for some Cannabis Common Sense.

Let's be wise and take Time4Hemp

Time4Clues: Fukushima Now - 'We are in trouble, oh my!'


Time4Clues #1: Fukushima Crisis Overview

Time4Clues #2: Fukushima Problem Defined 

Time4Clues #3: Fukushima; Phytoremediation Agriculture 

Time4Clues #4: Fukushima and Hemp Phytoremediation

Time4Clues #5: Fukushima and Industrial Hemp For Entombment 

Time4Clues #6: Fukushima and 3D Printing the Entombment
Using Hempcrete interior and Hemp Plastic exterior, 
Lead and Tungsten In The Middle To Build the Sarcophagus.
Shield the equipment too! Robots and Drones for manual labor.

Time4Clues #7: Fukushima and Medical Marijuana 
For The Cancers We Know Are Here And Coming

Time4Clues #8:
Fukushima and Rick Simpson's Cannabis Cancer Cure Oil

Time4Clues #9: Fukushima: Other Solutions

Time4Clues #10: Fukushima Action Plan

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