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Time4Hemp: Fukushima, Medical Marijuana and 3D Printing - Initial Program Production Approval

Can medical marijuana help with the rising cancer rates from Fukushima?

How can we apply fast growing, easily renewable hemp to the 3D Printing process?

Can we use the 3D Printing technique of contour crafting to entomb the buildings and water tanks at Fukushima?
I am overjoyed to announce that marijuana pioneer and hemp hero  Casper Leitch has approved the idea still in development to do at least two radio and web programs on his Time4Hemp Global Broadcasting Network with the possibility of any of the other 20+ hosts doing their own specials on the hemp solution to Fukushima.

As a point of understanding how dire the situation is, Dr. Michio Kaku explains in the video above the extinction level event (unless we fix this now - we are almost out of time) of the triple nuclear meltdown at Japan’s Fukushima plant.  Hemp is such a versatile, strong and nourishing plant that we should be using to not only address our nuclear crisis, but also to help us fix the age old problems of food, health, clothes and shelter.  Hemp is a tool we must use to co-create a better world.

One of the most extraordinary things about this original marijuana broadcast series that's been running for almost a quarter of a century, Time4Hemp, is the international bridges the network is building in the movement. 

The internet is an extraordinary tool for ever greater interaction by both 3/11 and 4/20 events all over the world (Japan, Europe, South America, USA, etc.).  Gatherings and individuals can share their insights as part of the programs in live chat rooms.  

Due to program time restrictions, we may have a Time4Overtime where folks can upload their thoughts and highlights of their events before, during or after the program, allowing us to step beyond the illusion of time. 

Medical marijuana as an aid in dealing with the illnesses that are affecting folks. 

The video below is of Beyond Nuclear hero, the great Kevin Kamps, who has appeared on Time4Hemp over the years since this nuclear crisis began along with other leaders of the anti-nuclear movement.  

Some of the general topics and questions (initial, unedited thoughts)for the programs include: 

Medical Marijuana and Fukushima cancers
·        Why should we be using cannabis to deal with the cancers that come as a result of increased radiation exposure?
·        How does hemp heal?
·        Is cannabis better than pharmaceutical cancer medicines and treatments?
·        What is the record for cannabis healing cancer?
·        Is there enough nutrition in hemp food to strengthen our bodies?
·        What are the various methods for consuming medical marijuana?
·        Is one marijuana strain better than the other for dealing with cancer?
·        Should we grow my own medicine? If so how should we start?
The second special(s) will be on April 20, 2014 and will focus on how to best use hemp in the 3D / 4D printing evolution as printer filaments.  Of course this covers a lot of materials like concrete which can be used for, for example, contour crafting (demonstrated in the video below) Fukushima’s entombment or build a 2,500 sq. foot house in a day; hemp foods for nutritious and delicious meals; hemp fabrics for clothing and furniture; hemp plastics for various items…oh the possibilities that growing our own filament and/or having an easily renewable low cost raw resource material available opens up.


Initial questions for the 4/20 hemp and 3D Printing program include

·        What are the benefits of 3D / 4D Printing in hemp?
·        What are the best ways to use hemp to address the triple nuclear melt down going on at Fukushima?
·        How can hemp help make the 3D/4D printers, and for contour printing, the gantries for the big print jobs, i.e. a 2,500 sq. ft. house in 24 hours? 
·        Why is hemp a perfect filament for 3D Printing. 
·        What are the basic recipes for filament in the various uses and what is the modification ratio for each use, toxic to non-toxic hemp?
·        3D Printing hemp foods, i.e. textured vegetable protein that simply replaces soy flour with hemp flour, weed dogs and hemp burgers – print, cook and eat.  The recreational markets can add the cancer cure oil to some of their dishes.
·        Hemp fabrics 3D printed into various fashions and upholstery uses.
·        Hemp paper vs. wood paper for 3D printing. Printing in hemp woods. What is the difference in the results on all levels?
·        Best books and other resources list for agriculture, building materials, medicine, prayer, etc.
·        Hemp building materials and retrofitting existing housing to reduce indoor pollution, and lower interior radiation levels.
·        Architecture and 3D printing in hemp, a conversation /
Q and A
·        How can we crop finance the hemp solution?
·        How do we set up a hemp based banking system that includes a variety of currencies?
·        What are the business, job, creative opportunities hemp brings to the 3D / 4D printing marketplace?

The report on hemp and 3D / 4D printing is posted that my friends and I did with our brother and fellow Hemp For Victory missionary, the late Richard M. Davis, USA Hemp Museum, is posted with links to more reports and articles throughout the blog post. 

If you, your organization or event would like to be part of this historic broadcast series, and/or would like to participate as a posting guest, message me, J. Nayer Hardin on Facebook.  I highly recommend that you enjoy taking Time4Hemp.  

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