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What is going on in the marijuana movement - so much greed in weed!

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Bill Maher once suggested that the biggest problem with the marijuana movement is some of its "leadership". As an old hippie from the 60’s I have some serious questions to ask those in the marijuana movement with money who are not investing in, advertising with or donating to those who have already invested everything they have into ending the war on drugs! 

Have we become the greed we've been fighting?




Hemp hero Chris Conrad, in his ground breaking book HEMP: Lifeline To The Future, closes his work published in 1994 with a chapter entitled “Reaping The Rewards Of Reform.”  More like salvation, the physical kind. Removing hemp from our daily lives is the source of much modern chaos, simply solved by ending hemp prohibition.  

So many hemp heroes are broke, dead, homeless or in prison as a result of the role they play in stopping the drug war. This problem is coast to coast.  On the east coast Dana Beal is basically homeless in NYC where he lost his Bleeker Street building weeks before he got out of jail.  A friend of his had a fundraiser during an expo in New Jersey,April 4-6, 2014 in Piscataway, NJ for Dana.  

On the west coast hemp hero Jeff Clark, multi-decade of both the military and marijuana movement, has been homeless since his house burnt down in 2000. Though both men continue to give their all to the movement and based on results acceptance has passed the critical 50% number, both men are still homeless.  

Lynette Shaw invented the modern dispensary system, had a successful dispensary and now can't have a club. R.W. Akile helped produce the first and all subsequent Global Marijuana Marches since 1999 and he does not have a dispensary either. 

So much money in the marijuana movement, so much greed in weed. 

Richard M. Davis died on January 10, 2014 with the entire museum locked up in storage in LA for over a year, no word yet on its future, if any. His partner said they tried everything to save him so for the life of me I still don't understand how did the founder and curator die of cancer since we know cannabis cures cancer. I don't know if he had clean access to the Rick Simpson cannabis cancer cure oil.  

The smart thing to do by the way since Richard M. Davis, Jack Herer, Sister Somayah Kambui, Peter McWilliams, Gatewood Galbraith, Michelle Rainey, etc. are gone, is help Chris Conrad the new museum curator of that marvelous over 3,000 piece collection of hemp everything.  Take that collection viral.  Before Richard died he had every item photographed.  

Luke Scarmazzo, NJ Weedman, Rev. Roger Christie, Rev. Eddy Lepp, Marc Emery, Dr. Marion "Mollie" Fry and her husband of 25 years, civil attorney Dale Schafer and about a million other people are in jail or on trial as in the cases of Share Christie Bob Doler, Lee Reisch and countless others who are being tried or fighting in court for having the courage to interact with the hemp plant. That's wrong on so many levels.

We need our hemp heroes, like Paul Stanford who uses his money to the bone (though he has a wonderful, young family to support), with initiatives, a cable show named Cannabis Common Sense, joint hosting a radio show, running a series of THCF medical marijuana clinics that get folks their certification for qualifying illnesses, patient activist, hemp research consultant, etc.  I recommend Paul to be the UN's Hemp Czar.  

How is there so much money in the marijuana movement, most banks won't take it, and so many struggling activist who have been fighting for this since the last century? What am I missing?

Folks are dead, in jail and/or dying from fighting the war on drugs, sacrificing everything in order to speak truth to power.  Here's another example.  

The father of marijuana broadcasting, like before most folks even heard of the internet as it could relate to their lives, Casper Leitch, coming up on a quarter century, the longest running program dedicated to hemp, is fighting to save his recently expanded broadcasting network.  Originally the King Of Pot was going to be a big part of the team with a show and help raise the funds to do the network.  Shortly before they began, Michael Malta died and Casper make the tough decision to go forward anyway.

For the fools before God in judgment, who don't know what it means to sacrifice beyond everything you have to do your work, know that USA Veteran (use to guard nuclear missals in Germany) Casper Leitch is an old school hemp hero who started out as JackHerer's assistant when Jack published the hemp bible THE EMPEROR WEARS NOCLOTHES.  Casper left that job and started Time4Hemp, whose guest on his first show was ChrisConrad. He's been telling folks about hemp ever since.

Time4Hemp's journey under Casper's creation, production and leadership includes cable, radio and web broadcasting.  

Before setting up the Time4Hemp Global Broadcasting Network, the program was on American Freedom Radio reaching about 2.5 million people. AFR went silent without warning in the middle of 2013 due to the marijuana arrest of its owner.  Now the Time4Hemp network has more than 20 hosts and offers much needed international bridges.  

Since September, 2013 Casper and his friends, many of whom dedicate their program time to teach and entertain, built this powerful information fountain that now runs 24/7 with live and/or archived programming on everything hemp.  The network, with hosts speaking in many different languages, is a voice for the marijuana movement, as the program has been since 1990...sometimes by Casper’s pure grit. Yet, it is danger of being silenced within months after limited legal recreational marijuana became law without the financial support of the marijuana community.

The archive is full of experts in various fields concerning hemp, i.e. Ed RosenthalTodd McCormickMary Lynn MathreAlByrneKelly KristonPeter ChristPaul StanfordPaul BenhaimMichael Krawitz, etc.For decades Time4Hemp recorded, many of the shows stored in the extensive on line archives, conversations that span the distance of the modern marijuana movement, free of charge.  Just about everybody if not everyone mentioned in this post has been or will be on Time4Hemp at least once.  Download, enjoy and learn. 

As you probably understand, I am having great difficulty getting my brain around how much greed must there be in the movement that with as many hemp folks in trouble as there are, why not enough action is being taken to help the folks most capable of pushing the anti-prohibition agenda forward. 

I can’t pretend not to know that there was $5 million generated in the first week of legal, recreational cannabis sales in Colorado...and that was just the reported cash.  Yet, Casper and other hemp heroes have to ask, if not beg the community for help to keep their life’s work going that is making a positive difference in the world. That time could be spent education folks about the hemp solution.  I am praying for quick, profound, dynamic, positive change in all situations, the highest good for all concerned.

If we fail to support the folks who have worked tirelessly for years for between zero and negative based cash flow, then maybe we should look at our paychecks to see if they are coming from folks who want to silence the legalization movement.

If you are able, please visit Time4Hemp and hit either the advertising button to achieve direct reach to the marijuana community without wasted impressions or simply donate.

Whatever you can do to support any of the activists named here or elsewhere who you know helped make the difference we are experiencing now, just in time for the future, support them too.  Together we are achieving HEMP FOR VICTORY.  Look at Colorado.


Linda Yelvington said...

Thank you so much for encouraging everyone to support those the drug war has claimed.

Charles North said...

Eddy Lepp and Marc Emery..? Heroes? Those guys over emphasized their illegal actions and got their scenes busted. They attracted so much attention to themselves that they made the others look bad and in this cannabis world we live in as a community, we need to avoid the attention so that the cops don't have busts for weed. Let them bust the other drugs, cannabis is my medicine. SO when Eddy and Marc blew it out and made a huge following, they also attracted the cops who busted them to others in the biz and that is not heroic, its down right fucked up. Yes, the cannabis movement needs organization and leadership, but not drug dealers, show boats or some gifted dispensary owner who's only focus is money. Marc says he's got a big plan for his release, but all he has is a washed up ethic and a bunch of drug addicts chasing him down for freebies and fakeness. Eddy should never have went to prison, but he chose his garden to broadcast to all those who drove by it which made med patients look reckless and that is not the shit I need that the stoners think is funny while real patients get tortured in custody non stop while the other stoners joke about crime over and over. Recreational use should never have been legalized, they hurt all the patients in one foul swoop.

J. Nayer Hardin said...

Linda Yelvington Thank you. Folks don't understand a lot of lives were lost and/or shattered just changing the law to stop the drug war now.

J. Nayer Hardin said...

Charles North - Dr. Bernie Siegel wrote a series of great books and one of them has a strategy that's worked for me over the decades.


Many did everything they could, invested everything they had, lost just about everyone they loved to stop the drug war. I didn't even mention the details of the hells I've been through over the decades as a direct result of choosing accomplish an ending of the drug war to my own rice bowl. I have computer skills.

I am not only in favor of recreational marijuana, until the grand mal seizure I had in July, I was too healthy my whole life to ever qualify for medical marijuana. Can't afford the processing fees, but there is a comfort in knowing I qualify for the card. I'm very old and have been smoking weed since I was 13.

The 1980's and 90's were times when the movement needed faces. The media was not interested in mine, Rev. Eddie, Marc and others did what needed to be done to pull the cameras to the issues.

I've learned when my best is not good enough for others it does not change the fact that I did the best I could with what I had to work with. Understanding the dynamics of the struggle, like when Marc sent Sister Somayah the money we needed to get the posters for the first Los Angeles Million Marijuana March in 1999, you'd see Marc's work has made a big difference in accomplishing the mission. He even went to jail for it.

When Sister Somayah was sick with yet another bout of sickle cell, from which she was able to double her life expectancy with cannabis, prayers from Rev. Eddy came in handy. I learned from Rev. Eddy that what I was feeling on a spiritual level about prayer and marijuana was a real religion and others were using the plant as part of their personal prayer and thinking style. It was a big part of how I got my patent 5,188,321 and other innovative ideas.

We stoners don't think it's funny that medical folks are caught in drama we did not write. We're just fighting for our right to remain healthy.

Blessings to you and yours.