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Marijuana Tourism - Proposal to Lake Havasu City, AZ

Marijuana Tourism As An Empowerment Tool - Proposal To Lake Havasu City, AZ 

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  • 1. PROPOSAL TO LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZMedical Marijuana / Civic Budget Solution / Voter Support / Recreational / Environmental Biomass Champion / etc. Empowerment USA HEMP MUSEUM Richard M. Davis, Founder & Curator Marijuana Tourism As AnEconomic Empowerment Tool
  • 10. Goals and Objectives - Advertise in the media to promote LHC, hemp vacation and living opportunities. "Hemped in Havasu."
  • media
  • 13. Today's Situation - Lake Havasu City could use an additional income source from taxes, citizens from hemp medicine, businesses from hemp products and services, like a beauty shop that is everything hemp from hair & nails to clothing and shoes.
  • taxes
  • 18. How Did We Get Here? - Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla, George Washington Carver and others smoked a lot of hemp and helped move humanity forward. The folks in charge said hell no and made the inspirational hemp plant illegal for a number of stupid reasons, all of which served their greed.
  • 20. How Did We Get Here? - Government was manipulated (read The Web of Debt by Ellen Brown) and committed the national direction to toxic products over natural, non-toxic hemp. For example, toxic energy could have been replaced by hemp, hydro, solar, algae, wind and magnetic energies.
  • The Web of Debt [book]
  • 21. How Did We Get Here? - McCullough built Lake Havasu City on a wonderful bend of the Colorado River.
  • Havasu has a strong reputation for tourism innovation. Fireworks on “Lake Havasu” is a lure for tourists that still works.
  • LHC that was designed with tourism in mind, with plenty of room for expansion in all fields, which makes it a perfect place to prosper from this new information age.
  • McCullough
  • 22. How Did We Get Here? - LHC built a sewer that stinks in the summer, chasing many of the tourists away. It‟s tough to get your party on in the summer with the smell of raw sewage (vs the old, contents contained, septic tanks system)
  • Failure to implement the hemp solution of using hemp building materials to build or repair the sewer have been ignored.
  • 23. How Did We Get Here? - Hemp prohibition has contributed to the decline in our civilization by transforming tax paying citizens into prisoners for interacting with a plant.
  • Medical marijuana votes from the last century to as recently as 2012 in AZ, the people have voted to make medical marijuana legal.
  • medical marijuana
  • 24. How Did We Get Here? - World Economy Crash 2008, housing fraud, creative talent used as feed for Prison, Inc. in the war on drugs...
  • Local, national & global interconnected problems that have reached from the heights of banking and governments to the homeless on the streets.
  • 26. Available Options - Hemp can help empower the town's citizens, tourists and economy with this low cost, easy to grow multi-dimensional constructive trillion dollar plant. The other option is to keep on pretending not to know hemp can help.
  • economy [amazon link to HEMP FOR VICTORY: THE TRILLION DOLLAR CROP paperback]
  • 27. Available Options - Institute a fair marijuana tax for most non-industrial, i.e. recreational forms of the plant. Other products, standard tax rates can apply and still turn a deficit into a surplus.
  • Medical marijuana and religious uses should be tax free, just like Facebook!
  • fair marijuana tax
  • 28. Available Options - This hemp based strategy is crop financed so there's no need for city budget expenditures.
  • There are always some old hippies around with a bunch of seeds they've been waiting to get into the ground.
  • crop financed
  • 31. Recommendations - Incorporate hemp building materials into LHC's infrastructure including covering the sewers, building and repairing the buildings & roads with locally grown materials, and create a back exit road out of the city in case the current exits get blocked by a flood or other disaster.
  • hemp building materials
  • 34. Recommendations - Empower a group of local medical marijuana doctors. 
  • Encourage local colleges to offer an agricultural degree in hemp.
  • medical marijuana doctors
  • 36. USA HEMP MUSEUM Click Image Above To Run WebeoBuilding Sold - Ready To Re-mount
  • 37. Contact Information  Facebook:  Richard M. Davis, Founder & Curator  J. Nayer Hardin  Email:  rmdavisx @  jnayer @  Website:   Blog: 

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