Monday, February 18, 2013

Marijuana Positive Campaign Notes

There's a recent article by the great writer Steve Lopez in the Los Angeles Times about the leading candidates for mayor not having a clue concerning how to fix the Los Angeles budget.  Because they are well-financed puppets, they could not speak the simple truth. The answer to a budget crisis is the simple plant that grows wild in nature, biomass champion, medically healing, and economically empowering - hemp.  

Enforce the Will of the People, remove restrictions on hemp, cannabis, marijuana balance the budget.

We The People need people in office who will stand up to the president of the United States, the United Nations, corporations if need be, when it comes to the best interest of the people.  President Obama  needs to know that there are politicians who will take a stand against even the federal government if it is in the best interests of the people they were elected to serve.

This simple shift to Peopled Powered Government, away from supporting the special interests like GMO's, fracking, Prison & Medicine, Inc., etc., to supporting The People, could yield substantial results for everybody.  Even if hemp is immediately legalized nationally/internationally, each area has its own best locally grown hemp that is tourist worthy.  In the words of Los Angeles USA Hemp Museum's founder and curator Richard M. Davis, ‘it is smart to know your grower.’

With just a little bit of common sense we can use the web to ascertain from The People what the all that is one want to do.  Make sure local libraries reach to the not on line community so they have a source when they want to chime in on a decision in process.  Transparency and absolute truth are key to success.  Hemp consumption is already on the list, verified by a vote and any conversation on any street corner.

Ending hemp prohibition is one element to an immediate rise in marijuana tourism for any area.  People will travel to experience their childhood blends in the natural surroundings.  The agricultural boom it would bring to an area would empower new companies in the fields of non toxic hemp fabrics, hemp concrete Hempcrete, 10x stronger than steel hemp plastics, hemp foods, smart legal drug policy, etc.  For example, did you know that the meat substitute style textured vegetable protein that is currently made out of soy flour can be made at home with hemp flour? Just substitute.

Health care savings from hemp solutions including Rick Simpson’s Cancer Cure Oil, and other forms of medical marijuana can co-create a substantial shift in the health, finances and Spirit. 

It’s way past time to stop pretending to solve problems at the level of effect rather than cause.  The simple declaration of being a “hemp freedom zone,” is just smart economic, social, agricultural and environmental policy.  Common sense demands an end to the drug war immediately.  Though we may or may not be able to get anything done on a national level, we can surely, based on the truth razor of only the truth is true, liberate ourselves from the stupidity ruling us now.  We have real issues to deal with.

Freedom based, large scale hemp planting to address our problems at the level of cause will solve so many problems.  When the problem is a lack of funds, the solution is to create more funds by motivating money to change hands in a constructive way.  Like the artist Mos Def said on the Bill Maher show many years ago, ‘Why not legalize weed and make some money.’

Using the hemp plant by whatever name, we can clean up the air and land, help heal the sickfinancially empower the citizens and the city’s budget, and help contain the excess radiation from the triple nuclear melt down going on across the ocean at Fukushima and the potential for another at the i.e. San Onofre plant in Southern California.

The links in this article plus the accompanying slide show will give marijuana positive candidates the educational boost they need.  Enjoy the journey because it’s true. 

Example of proposal to Lake Havasu City to engage in marijuana tourism


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