Friday, February 22, 2013

Marijuana Tourism would revitalize Lake Havasu City!

Paraphrased from the movie "Saving Grace" with Tom Conti.

Pope's Prayer:

'Dear Lord, here I am back in Havasu.
Now that I'm here I see why you wanted somebody to come.
There is rather a lot to do and not much to work with.
To tell You the truth, I feel a little bit inadequate.
As a matter of fact I think I could do with some help.' 

Here it is:  

HEMP FOR VICTORY: Series by Richard M. Davis, USA Hemp Museum 

At the end of this article is an email I sent today to the mayor and city council members in Lake Havasu City, Arizona concerning instituting a marijuana tourism program in town as a way to revitalize the economy and citizens health.

If something less than normal goes down, I am not suicidal, have been smoking hemp since the 1960's (way too much for sales to be a career choice), on computers since 1977 ('74 if I count word processors), a full time inventor (U.S. Patent No. 5,188,321  a community based computer training system) and activist since 1984.  In the words of Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross 'Once I learned I could do without the rest was relatively easy.'  Over the last seven years, I've helped the USA Hemp Museum, Richard M. Davis, Founder and Curator get his Hemp For Victory book series under way.

I've only been arrested once in my life and that was at a voting station in Harlem in the 1990's.  It was house arrest at the polling place.  I saw two Democrats going into a voting booth with a registered voter to tell them how to vote.  I verbally responded to the situation in my third generation Harlem diva style, New England raised.  Their vocabularies and thoughts were upgraded substantially as I walked around in the corner I was confined to until the Board of Elections folks came and said I was right so they had to release me. I was told when I called later that of course there is no record of be being arrested. That's it.  

The Lord made hemp His effective medicine that can even cure cancer, with zero deaths associated with it other than what the late, great Jack Herer called 'murder by cop.'

People will be motivated to come here, get carded and do their best to relax and heal. 

There is no hiding from the light of the truth that the trash from Fukushima will be, if it's not already - the fish have arrived - noticeably washing up on the US west coast beaches later this year.  This will affect not only California beach front real estate, but the heart and soul of the people who live there.  

In a book by the dynamic thought writer Florence Shin THE SECRET DOOR TO SUCCESS - 1940, she has a chapter called "Rivers In The Desert", which is what Lake Havasu is.  The chapter is based on the biblical reference found in Isaiah 43.19.  She wrote "No matter how impossible the the situation seems, Infinite Intelligence knows the way out." 

Lake Havasu can fulfill it's original purpose to be a place of fun and prosperity with the added benefit of enough land for folks to be able to think what else we can do to solve our problems now.  As missionaries, we are blessed to live day to day, not sure how long we will be able to stay in town, which is why it is so important to get this information out now.

I'll be posting the next edition of the slide show plus the video of the museum this weekend, so check back with this blog in real time. 

Let me know what, if anything you think of the work and your ideas for expansion.

Friday, February 22, 2013

I am J. Nayer Hardin of the Computer Underground Railroad.  I lived in Lake Havasu City from 2000 to 2009 (Fiesta, Daytona and Silversmith) and recently returned with the above linked proposal for using the new industry empowerment tool, marijuana tourism, to restore this resort town to beyond it's former luster, which was impressive by every standard. Colorado is already instituting the pro hemp policy which could, if we fail to act, cut even deeper into one of LHC's main industries, tourism.

Simple system changes to institute the voted Will of the People could shift this area quickly where cab drivers and tow truck operators tell the tales of declining business. 

The citizens of Arizona voted hemp legal the same time that California did. California has a $35 charge for a medical marijuana card.  Arizona charges $400. It is way past time to use the only qualified thought process on the planet. Truth.  

Sherwood Akuna and I left Havasu in 2009 after being financially taken out by a few health care and other crisis of family members. For example, one of my step daughters could not get sufficient help in the mental health care system here so we had to go to California to get help. It took years but they were able to get the right diagnosis and prescription, something that helps her be balanced.  

We returned recently to this town that I love to find it a shell of its former self in a short time. The open sewer has chased away a lot of the tourist (it stinks in the summer). [Covering all the tanks and using a strong air filtration system before releasing it back into the environment is key to solving the odor problem and assisting tourists in returning.]

In addition to the opening link which is town specific, we helped a wonderful native of Arizona, Richard M. Davis, founder and curator of the USA Hemp Museum, get his books done.  Davis's books include (titles - which are also for sale on amazon and lulu - are linked to the free on line ebook editions - education is more important than profit now with so much at stake): 

Davis has two more books in the works on hemp paper and building materials.

If this is a topic you are interested in exploring please let me know. I know this idea will work.  If for no other reason than once the trash from Fukushima starts washing up on LA's shores, many folks will consider this town a refuge, like those of us who live/lived here know it is.   

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

J. Nayer Hardin
Founder & Conductor
Computer Underground Railroad Ent.

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