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Hemp Environmental Forum - On Line - Working Draft

Working Draft Of
An International On-Line Forum

What: Hemp Environmental Forum is calling together an international gathering of hemp / cannabis activists, business people, visionaries, consumers, and students to help ring in a healthier and more prosperous 2018.

When: Starting at midnight GMT December 27-30, 2017 with the possibility of continuing the conversation through the 2018 forum in Quebec.

Where: On line, both live and recorded presentations with text room for conversations on platforms including Facebook LIVE with subsequent broadcasts on Twitter, Youtube and Google. Other media that can participate in the event are welcome to carry the broadcast.

Why: To use the energy of an international hemp / cannabis community to implement the hemp solution to modern problems. Climate change, pollution, world hunger, environmentally induced sickness, homelessness, lack… so many crisis situations we are dealing with. By simply implementing the hemp solution by ending the drug war and empowering hemp / cannabis ventures, we can take a step back from the politically stupid policies we follow daily.

How: Present information and opportunities for discussion and implementing positively dynamic action plans. The general structure over the 4 days is a day each on these topics:

Farming, Medical, Environment and Economy

Event Structure: Each day is divided into six 4-hour sections. Each topic driven session is broken into approximately 3-4 sub-topics.  Overviews and a 1- hour summary, conclusion at the end of the day plus segments which do not have to be limited to structure as some may run under and others over time. 

Live Programming hours will feature educational information plus material on the movers and shakers in the respective areas with hero breaks at :15 :35 and :55, five minutes each break time.  It would be easier on workers bodies and souls if sponsorships could be found.

Library will have as many free .pdfs and videos plus cannabis / hemp books for sale.

A production of the Hemp Environmental Forum

Comments or questions please contact us through our Facebook page, the foundation of the presentation platform. This is only a draft for sharing ideas and adding videos, personalities and inspiration.

Day #1 – Farming

            Soil -what constitutes good soil

            Planting techniques indoor and outdoor growing

            Hydroponic Farming

            Urban Farming

            How to determine how much to water plants - video to be made 



            Sensi Seeds
            Crop King Seeds


            Vertical Farming

Techniques -Growing Harvesting and Processing


            Hemp growing

            Hempology 101

              Farmer - Valerio Zucchini


Hemp is a powerful, fast growing plant that has tens of thousands of applications, and that number does not factor in 3D printing.  With a growing span of 90-120 days, we can begin the process to Phytoremediate Earth.

Large scale hemp / cannabis farming offers opportunities to end world hunger, homelessness. When the problem is not enough food, the solution is to grow more food. Hemp foods solve that problem. When the problem is homelessness, the solution is to grow more raw resource material to make homes out of. Solving our agricultural problems using basic science can co-create abundant, healthy harvests. It is important to support hemp /cannabis farming.

“Hemp improves the physical condition of the soil, and when retted on the same ground where it grows, it returns most of the fertilizing elements” Hemp, Lifeline To The Future by Chris Conrad pg. 167 

Hemp breathes in the excess global warming CO2 gas from the air as it grows” said Richard M. Davis, USA Hemp Museum

Focusing on agriculture is the best way to begin the process of using hemp to help us deal with climate change. As we rebuild our agricultural structure from the foundation, roots up we must scientifically factor in farming basics. Water, soil condition, seeds, temperatures and lights.

Since hemp can grow in any agronomic farming system and requires no toxic chemicals to grow it is what Willie Nelson calls “A Peaceful Solution”.

Please post your thoughts, videos and photos in the comments sections. As we build and implement the Action Plan for implementing the hemp solution and other smart actions, we're sharing ideas. Thanks.


Day #2 – Medical and Recreational

            Rick Simpson Oil
            Rick Simpson Interview
            Steve Danks Oil

Documentary - Only Hemp Future 

Health and Healing Pt. 1 – Mechanics

            How Medical Cannabis Works
            Medical Papers and Organizations
            Paul Stanford, Cannabis Common Sense
Health and Healing Pt. 2 – Applications

            Cannabis and cancer
            Cannabis and Sickle Cell - Sister Somayah Kambui
            Cannabis and Epilepsy

            How it works
            Hemp For Victory Chronicles – Lee Reisch
   Ibogaine - Dana speech at Hollywood Hemp Museum – Lee Reisch


Day #3- Environment

            Hemp Biofuel
            Magnetic - David Williams
            Companies and Clean Energy Heroes and Sheroes

            How it works
            Research papers
            What are the benefits
            Action plan

Violence Reduction

            Peace Pipe
            Lead removal – blog entry to be converted to playlist
            Cannabis as a drug reducing tool.

Air Quality

            The Hemp Solution (breathes CO2 as it grows)
            Action organizations
            Action Plan (many things we can do to clean the air)

Nuclear Radiation

            Solution: Hemp is a nuclear mop
            Hempcrete to entomb nuclear plants
            Fukushima and other nuclear plants Action Plan

Day #4 - Economy

Overview- Industrial hemp: Prison, Inc., legalization impact on economy, tourism…  

            Hemp Fashion Companies
            Hemp advantage (comparison with other fabrics and products)?
            Hemp Fashions and companies

            How are hemp plastics made?
            Hemp solution advantage (compared with other ABS and PLA plastics)?
            Paul Benhaim

            Hemp solution advantage (comparison with other foods)?
            Market size, projections, players
            Hippie Butter Hemp Foods

            What building materials can be made from hemp?
            Hemp building materials advantage (comparison with other materials)?
            Market size and projections
            Anndrea Hermann

3D, 4D, 5D, 6D (New Age) Printing

            Hemp and new age printing
            New Hemp Cities – Innovative business opportunities in hemp.

Prayers For The Present and Future. Happy Hemp

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