Sunday, October 22, 2017

New Hemp Cities 2018 Vision

New Hemp Cities is a Computer Underground Railroad concept to use 3d printing (3d, 4d, 5d, 6d - new age printing) to create environmentally sound structures and infrastructure out of hemp and other eco friendly materials. The purpose of this basic change is the increase in the severity of storms, fires, floods and elevated nuclear radiation levels. 

Among the many considerations factored in are layers of shielding materials including a magnetic nuclear radiation reducing layer based on NASA space travel, rounded edges to reduce wind damage, waterproof layer for flood protection, etc. 

By cleaning the water using Hydreva, a double cleaning process (entering and exiting the structures) upgrades the water used in homes and gardens while returning clean and energized water to aquifers. 

To build structures quickly out of locally grown raw resource materials, we're using the art and technology called contour crafting that builds using instructions off of a CAD (computer aided design) file. Building new strong homes and other structures while fortifying existing buildings will more than balance fears of job loss. Jobs will be replaced by small business opportunities. 

The proposal is written  and in the process of being transformed into a business plan, projected to be ready in first quarter 2018. 

For more information contact the Railroad's founder, J. Nayer Hardin on Twitter

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