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J. Nayer Hardin, Computer Underground Railroad

While working with Takashi Okanuma of the Japan Hemp Association on what has evolved into the Kyoto Hemp Forum, I was asked for a bio piece. Crushing 63 years of life into 4 minutes and 20 something seconds was an interesting yet necessary task. 

I am J. Nayer Hardin, founder of and a conductor on the Computer Underground Railroad, a cyber division of the original. My mission since 1984 is to use computers and other technology to help people be free.  

In that role I am a cyber activist who works to close the digital divide, end the drug war, use cannabis to help folks heal, promote the many ways 3D printing, especially in hemp, can solve problems like hunger, homelessness and climate change. I am also a clean energy advocate, researcher and a patent holding inventor US Patent No 5,188,321.


The Underground Railroad is a cyber division of the original. I was raised for that position from my grandmother's weekly missionary meetings. Mother Clara Hale commissioned me to use technology to help people be free, bridging the digital divide to save lives.  Mother Hale and her daughter Clara came to one of my dinner parties. Mother Hale told me, who was enjoying life in mid town Manhattan in the 1980's, that something was going on with computers and Harlem was being left out. She said it was my responsibility to do something about it.  She let me know further instructions would come in prayer. She was right.

So one day I screamed in meditation, 'I understand I am suppose to go forward, but I'm standing in the middle of an empty circle, how do I know which way is forward?'

A woman's voice spoke back to me, like a light tap on the back of the head, 'Forward is in the direction of the Lord, Love, the one who made and spins your atoms.' 

I saw the path. 'O.K. How is this to be pulled off, without make up?'

'The old Underground Railroad model is available. Those who temporarily have more share with those who temporarily have less so everybody has in abundance.' 

As a computer diva since the 1970's, with my personal Emancipation Proclamation Day as 7/7/77, when I started working on computers full time, what I have plenty of is computer love and passion, which I joyously share.  

My background includes:

• 1972-1984 Corporate career at NBC, CBS, ABC and other New York media companies where she learned about and worked on word processors / computers

• 1984-1988 Evangelical, independent computer trainer and provider of computer services to small businesses (business plans, flyers, mailers, etc.) 

• 1988-98 With Bernie Hirschenson and others great souls, Esteban Granados, Jacquie Hardin Bailey, Kathy Korpi, Linda Humes, Iro Joe Lewis, Melinda Maxwell-Gibb, David Gibb, Margaret Inge, Lisa Nelson, Selma Epstein, Ayo Adeyemi, Ellie Jones, Gail Julius, Bernard Block, C.C. Bronson, Sanga and many others co-created and ran a computer renaissance center. 

In response to my extensive computer injuries, Bernie and I invented and patented CompUrest #5,188,321 that healed my computer injuries within 30 days. More than a quarter century later, with regular use, the injuries never returned.
  • Trained over 3,000 folks in New York how to compute. Researched and shared environmental information, i.e. Harlem surrounded by 5 open sewers.
• 1998-Present Hemp, environmental and cyber activist. Helped publish 7 books [history; hemp and global warming / medical cannabis / economy; free energy; art and injustice]

Cyber working with her husband, inventor Sherwood Akuna, Akuna Brass Catcher, who she met while organizing the first Los Angeles then called Million Marijuana March in 1999 

Ibogaine, 9/11 Truth, nuclear balance and new age printing innovator.

Proposed Peace Plan:

• Peace pipe, create the highest good for all concerned.

• Phytoremediate in hemp, mushrooms, thistle & sunflowers to clean the air and soil. 

• Print monolithic dome shielding around all toxic sources using 3d printing’s contour crafting in hempcrete, lead, tungsten, magnets, borates and hemp plastic.  

• Pot, cannabis for cancers and seizures. Ibogaine for drug addictions.

• Promote hemp as a way to lend a hand to the farmers and ourselves.

Blog Entries of Research


Papers and Proposals:


Black People And Their Place In World History by Dr. Leroy Vaughn, MD, MBA, Historian, Honorary African Chief

DePalma, Free Energy and the N-Machine by Bruce DePalma with introduction by David Cockett Williams

Prelude To Intimacy by Ira Einhorn

Hemp For Victory series by Richard M. Davis:

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