Friday, March 21, 2014

Tommy Chong - The CelebStoner Show on Time4Hemp Global Broadcasting Network

  1. 'The truth is there is a Higher Power and that Power is inside of us' Tommy Chong
  2. Tommy Chong and Cloris Leachman Talk Booze, Weed and Making Out With Each Other
  3. 'We are responsible for our choices. When I was in jail I transformed it into a spiritual retreat' Tommy Chong
  4. 'Marijuana is going to take a lot of money from the medical business who's making so much $ from it.' Tommy Chong
  5. 'Cancer is such a big business. They've known about marijuana as a healing agent for a long time' Tommy Chong
  6. 'I took a big dose of Rick Simpson's oil for cancer, was out for 2 days Gave my body a chance to heal without interference' Tommy Chong
  7. "Tommy Chong and Dylan Ratigan Working Hard To Make A Better World For You and Me"

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