Saturday, August 10, 2013

Time4Hemp Solution Summit & Twitter Posts - Industrial Hemp


2013 GLOBAL SUMMIT - 5 Fridays in August

Commercial Free - Program 1 - Industrial Hemp

Conference #1

Paul Stanford - United States
Founder of The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation
Anndrea Hermann - Canada
President of the Hemp Industries Association

Summer Star Haeske - China
Director of Sales & Marketing -
Boris Banas - Europe
Company Director -
Tony Budden - South Africa
Director of -
Greg Flavall - New Zealand
Director of -
Steve Levine - United States
Director of The Hemp Industries Association
Chris Federowich - Canada
Owner of Federowich Farms
Teri Wallace - Canada
Director of Hemp and Grain Canada

Twitter Posts

  1. Solutions Summit - 'Hemp is a great agricultural crop that provides food & fiber' Anndrea Hermann
  2. Solutions Summit - 'We need to establish alternative building codes to better use hemp.' Greg Flavall
  3. Solutions Summit - 'Though hempcrete is inexpensive, it is a valuable building material' Greg Flavall
  4. Solutions Summit - 'It is absolutely absurd that it is illegal to grow in America' Greg Flavall
  5. Solutions Summit's Joint Guest is Greg Flavall - New Zealand, Director of -
  6. Solutions Summit - "Hemp seeds are not a scheduled substance in the EU" Boris Banas
  7. Solutions Summit - "Seed variety needs to be tested so we can educate the farmers." Boris Banas
  8. Solutions Summit - "Hemp is considered a fiber crop in Europe" Boris Banas
  9. Solutions Summit - 43 registered cultivators in EU. European Industrial Hemp Assoc.
  10. Solutions Summit's Joint Guest is Boris Banas - Europe, Company Director -
  11. Solutions Summit - 'Raw hemp materials industry is growing by collaborating, waking up to the potential' Tony Budden
  12. Solutions Summit - Joint Guest is Tony Budden - South Africa, Director of -
  13. "Marijuana legalization" was trending last night when I went to sleep, and still trending this morning. The game has changed.
  14. Solutions Summit - 'The internet is doing a lot to wake people up about hemp.' Teri Wallace, Hemp & Grain
  15. Solutions Summit's Joint Guest is Teri Wallace - Director of Hemp and Grain Canada
  16. Solutions Summit - 'Crop rotation must be factored into hemp growing' Chris Federowich, Federowich Farms
  17. Solutions Summit "Hemp has a long fiber, I call it angel hair" Summer Star Haeske
  18. Solutions Summit's Joint Guest is Summer Star Haeske - China, Director of Sales & Marketing -
  19. Solutions Summit - Steve Levine, Hemp Industries Association - Hemp History Week
  20. Solutions Summit "The problem is that we cannot grow . Industrial is legal but we can't grow it." Steve Levine
  21. Solutions Summit's Joint Guest is Steve Levine - United States Director of The Hemp Industries Association
  22. Solutions Summit's Joint Guest is Chris Federowich - Canada, Owner of Federowich Farms
  23. Solutions Summit's Joint Host is Anndrea Hermann, Hemp Industries Association

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