Sunday, August 25, 2013

Marijuana Dispensaries, Support Legalization Activists, Media, Organizations & Businesses

How is there so much money in the medical marijuana dispensaries and so many unfunded and/or underfunded hemp activists, organizations and businesses?  What am I pretending not to know and why? 

I understand there is no government funding for the marijuana legalization work but damn, how much cash do the dispensaries need before they effectively support, contribute to the old school folks who have been working for decades, greatly responsible for the benefits we enjoy as we move ever closer to stopping the war on drugs? 

Whatever they are doing, based on results, its not enough.  Over the decades I've seen folks die fighting for these clubs right to exist.  Jack Herer, Captain Ed, Sister Somayah, Jim Rosenfield, Michelle Rainey, Peter McWilliams, Gatewood Galbraith, plus millions of people have been or are jailed for interacting with a plant over the decades.

These words are not written to ignore some of the real heroes who help activist without adequate funds. Some are very generous, to whom I give thanks.  For example, Paul Stanford's The Hemp And Cannabis Foundation must be over-stretched by now since he's been helping hemp activists since the 1970's, so much so that I am confident we would not have opened one club door without he and his family's heroic work. Paul even helped Jack Herer get his book THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES into print. If you are a dispensary you should subscribe to his THCF clinic service, as well as check out his on line show Cannabis Common Sense. I'm certain he could either use your support or help direct you to activists and artists in need.

The drug war as an oppression tool is not new. Our government has been involved in truly stupid policies for a long time.  They have even jailed folks for having a book. Jailed for a book or jailed for a plant is the same thing, evil. Samuel Green's slavery days of persecution for having a copy of the book Uncle Tom's Cabin (yes, he was jailed for having a copy of the book) has been replaced by the modern war on the hemp plant.

What is it going to take to encourage more of the medical marijuana clubs to support hemp media like the original and still continuing marijuana broadcast Time4Hemp; or resource information like at the USAHemp Museum; or legal activists like NORML; or takin' it to the streets groups like the Global Marijuana March  (Dana Beal and so many other are still in jail, ain't that a bitch); or Hempfest and the upcoming Hempstalk; or Law Enforcement Against Prohibition ; or Veterans For Medical Marijuana Access ...  Also check out how Bruce Perlowin is making inroads in the stock market for hemp products.

There are many more worthy of your extra cash for advertising, products or donations. 

With or without donations, we are overcoming. Jack Herer Executive Order 420 [The war on drugs is over. We The People have won. A crop financed Hemp For Victory market is established.] could transform life on earth for the better, but like any lobbying movement, funding combined with wisdom can accelerate the achievement of success in ending the war on drugs and using hemp to help us solve our problems.

What do you think? It's still a puzzlement for me. 

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