Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Time4Hemp Herb and God

Casper Leitch'Time4Hemp is broadcast live Monday - Friday 10 a PT - 1p ET on American Freedom Radio.  Time4Hemp is an amazing marijuana mastermind alliance, part of a conversation on how to remove the barriers and apply hemp to solving our problems.  

In the conversation, that's been empowering the movement for over 20 years, are the late Timothy Leary, Jack Herer, Captain Ed, Michelle Rainey and a host of other wise souls.  But this is not a conversation regulated to the past.  Leaders of the anti drug war movement are flocking for a position in the conversation to free humanity.

The webeos below are from Tim4Hemp's show 'Herb and God' which explored religious use of cannabis. Casper explores hemp as a prayer tool with cannabis pioneers: Chris Conrad, prolific author and the publisher [with his wife Mikki Norris] of West Coast Leaf and Canada's Chris Bennet who was involved in POT – TV and Time4Hemp.  

Time4Hemp - The best minds of the marijuana movement 5 days a week on air, 24/7 on line. Podcasts, marijuana music and great products are on the Time4Hemp website.  Enjoy, buy something and/or hit the donate button if you're inclined to support heroic media.  Enjoy the show.  

Time 4 Herb And God - A special 2-part presentation!

Chris Bennett, author of 'Cannabis and the Soma Solution'
discusses with Chris Conrad, publisher of the West Coast Leaf
and Danny Nemu, Santo Daime practitioner, the importance of
"Our Gifts From Nature" to our religions while enjoying
the communion that's shared when taking Time 4 Hemp.

This is free to download at
or click on the links below:

Time 4 Herb And God - Part 1

Time 4 Herb And God - Part 2

Below you can find this presentation on YouTube.
The presentation is shorter on YouTube because
there is additional music included in each part of the MP3 version.

Time 4 Herb And God - Pt 1

Time 4 Herb And God - Pt 2

This week's free music download is by Billy Paul and is called 'Peace Holy Peace'
You can download it by clicking on the link below.

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