Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How To Restore Fiscal Sanity To Government - Stop The War On Drugs

What to do to fix our economy/create budget surplus? Stop the drug war
How to do it? Jack Herer Executive Order 420
What would be the result? Priceless Surplus 

For this to be the country we believe in, we must stop engaging in the politics of scarcity.  This drama pulled out every so many years is an illusion to keep us from dealing with the real problems, that which is killing us and impeding our pursuit of happiness. We can change this.

When the problem is a lack of funds the solution is to create a surplus of funds.  Or in the words of the contemporary prophet Mos Def "If you wanna make some money, sell some weed."  Hemp motivates a dollar to change hands fast.

Stopping the war on drugs would fix the budget crisis quick, fast and in a hurry.  An easy to do executive order (i.e. Jack Herer Executive Order 420) that reflects the will of the majority of citizens ending the drug war would transform what is now a combination of a budget and an economic crisis into a land of opportunity for all.  I can't begin to count the number of folks who have said to me they want to open up a club.  Inspiring.

I understand that's a bit Polly-Anna sounding so here's the logic.  

The federal government can save more money ending the drug war for feds, state and city governments than we have as a budget "crisis" now, up to $181 billion was reported in the Christian Science Monitor

If we work this right, we can transform a deficit into a surplus by supplying additional motivation for dollars to change hands.  Our conversations would be about where to put all the extra funds.  The government would be looking for people to help.  Now isn't that an evolutionary concept.  Let's call it "Uncle Sam", the patron saint of investors.

Here's the short strokes on the quick fix of ending the drug war now.

1. Based on results, the first to go is the National Drug Control Policy Office: $15.5 billion to make our lives miserable, empower Prison, Inc., drug cartels and many other forms of fuckery. 

2. Begin prison savings. Free all non-violent hemp prisoners immediately freeing up funds spent in the courts, prisons and policing functions.

3. Direct & indirect costs for the drug war reach nearly $181 billion annually as reported in  the Christian Science Monitor

"On the other side of the fight, the US spends about $6 billion per year on interdiction and international efforts, according to the Office of National Drug Policy.

But that's only a small part of the actual cost, (Admiral James Winnefeld, head of the US Northern Command, in charge of US homeland security) Winnefeld noted. "The annual direct cost for treatment, prevention, interdiction, and local law enforcement of drug abuse exceeds $52 billion," he explained. Indirect costs, including lost productivity and the impact on the criminal justice system, reach "nearly $181 billion annually."

4. Institute a fair tax. Income from a fair tax based on what Ed Rosenthal calls the tomato model, treat it like it's another plant, i.e. a tomato could be substantial.  

5. Restart the Hemp For Victory leasing unused federal land (1/3 of nation) via the FarmAid program, to help people start businesses in any of hemp's 50,000 products.  

6. Expand the income tax base with 5,000,000 hemp industry based jobs.  Hemp's 50,000 products can, with only 10 companies per product / 10 employees per company, create 5 million jobs in an explosion of small business opportunities.  Hemp is already America's number one cash crop.

7. Encourage innovation (awards, scholarships, grants) in hemp plastics (10 times stronger than steel), building materials (hemp boards and hempcrete - hemp concrete), medical research,  hemp foods, environmental solutions, fashions, paper products, seeds, etc.

For more on how ending the drug war can empower the world's economy from the politics of scarcity to the abundance of the emerald age of hemp, read HEMP FOR VICTORY: THE TRILLION DOLLAR CROP by Richard M. Davis. 

Beyond this 'stop the drug war' portion of the solution, to learn the basics on how to fix our economy at the root of the problem, corrupt policies, I urge you to check out the book THE WEB OF DEBT by Atty. Ellen H. Brown.  The root of the problem is greed and in the economic system, it starts at the banks who are engaged in criminal activity to the point of controlling government policy, like the drug war.

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