Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Hemp Solution

The hemp solution is simple.  Use nature's hemp plant to help with healing.  It's that simple, not to be confused with easy.

The crude oil volcano(es) in the Gulf of Mexico are a good place to start.  Research information can be found at the USA Hemp Museum, and other fine hemp related sites on the web.

The Problem: Crude Oil and dispersant are flooding the Gulf of Mexico as a result of our addiction to toxic energy. This endangers all life on the planet. Furthermore, as of this writing, the criminals responsible for this situation are still in charge of the crime scene.  While almost a million people are sitting in jail for interacting with hemp, oil company criminals responsible for the deaths of 11 people for openers, criminals by at least negligence, are still in control. 

The Hemp Solution: Use hemp materials to help plug up the holes, sop up the oil, clean up the air and land like it did at Chernobyl and allow people access to hemp medicine to deal with the upcoming World Trade Center Illness type crisis going on with New Yorkers exposed to toxic material.  First responders to this oil disaster are reporting health problems.

Here's some ideas on implementing the Hemp Solution with a call to action. This crisis cannot be managed by greed.  It must be managed by wisdom, common sense and prayer.  Especially for damage this bad, we need to be talking to the Great Manufacturer of All, One who works at the levels of protons, neutrons and electrons, both above and below, the Lord.  Nothing is impossible.

1. Plug up the holes with hemp plastic, 10 times stronger than steel according to Henry Ford. 

A cover on top of the plastic could be made of hempcrete, a hemp based concrete. The entire bandage/cover over the hole(s) should have a real brass (not alloy) cap to reduce salt erosion on this biodegradable material, hemp.  Remember hemp sails and ropes have been used for centuries on our ocean.  Sop up the oil that has risen to the surface with hemp tow and fiber fluff in bags placed on the ocean, like what they were talking about doing with human hair.

2. Invest in growing hemp foods to fill in the gap caused by the loss of sea food from the Gulf, possibly the entire east coast by the end of this year's hurricane season.  Empower the family farmers to begin the hemp for food and medicine task now.  There is no time to waste in politics. Hunger produces riots, and not the good kind.  Since common sense says that BP will go bankrupt way before the bill comes due for the clean-up, use hemp to empower our economy and pay for the clean-up, including the upcoming health crisis from the large use of disbursments and vast amounts of raw crude oil.


3. Shift our dominant energy to hemp biofuel and biomass, solar, hydro, magnetic and other clean and/or free energy sources.  If we were not on toxic energy, our ocean would not be in this toxic emergency. Use the economic empowerment tool of the trillion dollar crop, hemp.

4. Plant hemp along the coastline (including up the Mississippi River) and on unused federal land by re-financed family farmers to:
a. clean the air from the oil burns,
b. use as an alternate food source for animals (including humans),
c. to help clean the soil.
d. to distill for clean drinking water.
e. low cost resource material to fill import voids.

Donate to Farm Aid as a non-profit marshaling point to restore the family farm in America.  Like in the successful World War II program, grow HEMP FOR VICTORY.  

5. Use hemp building materials to construct water treatment plants to transform ocean water to clean drinking water using distillers powered by hemp biomass.  The people along wherever this oil lands will need new housing inland.  Build homes, office and other industrial buildings,  and roads from hemp building materials.

6. Stop endangering the planet and/or humanity in the name of greed. People are already getting sick from exposure to the toxins from both the oil and the chemical dispersant used to push the oil under the surface. 

As recommended for World Trade Center Illness, use effective hemp medicine to deal with respiratory and digestive problems.  Stress kills. Medical grade hemp and higher reduces stress.  Make it illegal to create a crisis and pretend to solve it.

7. Visit the USA Hemp Museum, and learn more about how hemp can help us save ourselves.  The museum's founder and curator Richard M. Davis is an awesome source of 'hempformation'.  Let Davis lead the gathering of a panel of hemp experts i.e. Chris and Mikki Conrad, Steve Kubby, Willie Nelson, Denis Perone, Jay Greathouse, Dr. Jeri Rose, Dana Beal, NORML, Vote Hemp,  and others to implement the best plan to use this dynamic plant, this powerful, as Willie Nelson calls it, A Peaceful Solution, to many of our problems.  



8. Pray and end hemp prohibition now.

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