Wednesday, June 02, 2010

California: Toxic Oil Found Under Carson's Half-Million Dollar Homes

California: Toxic Oil Found Under Carson's Half-Million Dollar Homes - ABC News

I only stayed in Carson, CA for a short while in the late 1990's.  Though there are people I love there, it makes no sense to me to live across the street from what is clearly one of many toxic sites, an oil refinery.

After sharing my concerns I reminded folks that medical hemp can help with the respiratory and digestive problems that come from exposure to the many toxic chemicals found in oil processing. Medical and recreational grades reduce stress, a trigger in serious illness so, as the old folks use to say, 'stay cool.'  Hemp Hero Peter McWilliams has a book in his Life 101 Series called YOU CAN'T AFFORD THE LUXURY OF A NEGATIVE THOUGHT. He's right. Our thoughts co-create our realities.

Here's the problem in Carson, like so many places where greed pushed the decision to put families in danger by building beautiful homes next to oil refineries.

There are " festering chemicals under the soil in Carson, CA. Built on top of a long-forgotten crude oil storage site, the 285 homes in Carson's Carousel neighborhood are now ground zero for an environmental and medical crisis that has pitted current and former homeowners, some of them cancer-stricken, in a massive lawsuit against Shell."

The entire city of Carson, California needs to take note of this situation, and beyond.  Over the last 40 years the excess oil soaked into the ground has spread way beyond the borders of Carson. Up on Denwall were I stayed, I noticed a lot of people had cancer, living and dead.

In the Russell and Edith Akuna family at 1256 Denwall, six people moved into their home across from the oil tanks in 1970. Within a 10 year period from 1997-2007 four had died covering a wide range of ages. Most recently, the mother in the household died of squamous cell cancer, the type that comes from chemical exposure. The two who are still alive are the ones who lived in the house the least amount of time.

Somebody call the law...ooops it was legal to sell homes on polluted land.  In that case...I'm calling WE THE PEOPLE to action.

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