Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hemp - A Tool To Help Heal Global Warming

Between the 11,000 football fields sized break in the Canadian ice and the release of pent up methane gas in the ice as it melts, it is imperative, a state of emergency, that a Healing Hemp program be put in place immediately, similar to World War II’s HEMP FOR VICTORY program.

If you have not yet seen the US Department of Agriculture film click Full Length Movie - Hemp for Victory WW2 1942 to see the video on google.
We are already experiencing one global warming drama or another. Have you read about a new (post 2000) weather event called thundersnow?
Why hemp as a part of the solution to global warming? Hemp scrubs the air clean as it grows and burns clean as fuel to create energy. As demonstrated by Los Angeles Master Hemp Grower, Sister Somayah Kambui, up to four crops can be produced in a year from one piece of land due to hemp's short growing time.

A rough projection from Richard Davis of the USA Hemp Museum is that within two years a constructive application of hemp to the situation can make a positive difference in global warming.
Whatever we do we must do it now. Humanities survival mission is to complete the conversion from toxic fuel to clean bio fuel and other energy sources now. Make 2007 a open season planting and testing year and 2008 grow as much hemp as possible both in federal land and in abandoned buildings, - re-structured as greenhouses.
For more information on hemp bio fuel visit the USA Hemp Museum’s Bio Fuel room.

The sturdy housing materials that come from hemp can have a radically positive influence in the event that coastal populations have to move in-land quickly. A system much like the old Sears ‘House In A Box’, can use hemp building materials, in part because they resist mold.

The transition from toxic energy to clean, healing energy using hemp and other clean energy sources can be financed by the immediate legalization of hemp with a 20% tax on recreational use. The unrestricted legalization of hemp can provide ample financing to get the project done and help folks with unexpected needs resulting from global warming, like what didn't happen during Katrina.

In emergency mode, the federal government needs to make public lands available for growing hemp. The feds own about 1/3 of America. No less than 10% of federal land, about 65 million acres, should be dedicated to growing hemp for fuel, food and medicine. 10% of government land is probably not enough, but enough to start.

Empowering family farmers, especially those who lost their farms over the last 20 years, (I'm sure Willie Nelson has a list), would make them the front line in the HEMP FOR VICTORY, II (HEALING HEMP) campaign.

WHAT TO DO? Like HEMP FOR VICTORY – RE-HEMP THE PLANET with air cleaning hemp.
The whole process, if coordinated, can have a healing effect on global warming.
On line, assemble a team of hemp masters to coordinate and train farmers to plant hemp. Based on their recommendations, Microsoft Project should be used to maximize production for market and other needs. This dynamic project needs to be on an international scale, with a published, updated project manager.

The system created is the data source from financing to reversing the effects of global warming. Web interaction can solve many problems, like what to plant where for maximum harvest.
If we survive, we must insure it never happens again from our hands. That can go on a project manager too. It’s a way to think out loud, all together now, in harmony.

This project is a serious international jobs bonus, the impact to be determined from the project manager list. Working on healing the planet is a job of honor any day of the week, and folks should be fairly compensated. The earlier mentioned hemp tax can provide start up grants, rather than loans, with ample growing support. We are limited only by our imaginations.

The truth razor I use is from A Course In Miracles, ‘Only the truth is true.” The truth is greed kills. It’s the source of what we’re dealing with now regarding the weather. It’s not o.k. to pollute the environment, the food supply, or our minds with evil. It’s time to pull back from selfish evil, and work together toward the highest good for all concerned.

The weather and oceans are signaling us it’s past time to clean up our mess.
Government/industrial policy has thrown the planet out of balance. The consequences of greed are consuming us and we must make survival a priority.

To secure a long term clean water source ice bergs should be harvested and placed where the clean water can do the most good. Proper placement can allow folks to grow in land that is currently desert, like what is done in Israel. Also, in America, in-land cities, like Las Vegas and Phoenix, could experience explosive growth in the event the ocean reclaims coastal areas. They can find a great need for the ice as a much needed clean water supply.

Please discuss the urgency of the situation and how hemp can help reduce the impact. Richard Davis and others are working on it. His upcoming book HOW TO HEMP: Hemp & Global Warming, supplies the information necessary to at least try to save the planet for future generations.

Yes, it may be too late, but it's worth a try. The problem is pollution and the solution is to stop pollution and heal the damage done. To continue doing the same stupid thing the same stupid way, i.e. create energy using toxic sources, is ridiculous.

We have a chance to save the world, but it can’t be down without you. Like the Dr. Seuss tale of Horton Hears A Who, it will take all voices and actions to make great, positive change. Our thoughts can change our reality. It just takes work and commitment.

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