Sunday, December 31, 2006

Global Warming - A Strategy For Success

It was recently reported Ancient ice shelf breaks free in Arctic -

Here's a few ideas on how to solve Global Warming:

1. Harvest icebergs. Put some of that water where people and animals can drink it, clean, and use some to irrigate crops. Put the distribution on a project manager. Use war ships to harvest the ice.

2. Convert from fossil fuel to hemp, corn and other clean burning fuels for everything from motorcycles to rockets. The hemp plant cleans the air as it grows.

3. Restore the family farm by the federal government portioning 10% of its land that NOBODY IS USING to grow and process hemp in environmentally supportive ways. Provide start-up grants to encourage participation. Establish a team of master growers (human project managers) to teach new farmers how to achieve maximum yield.

4. Create back up strategies in the event that large populations have to move inland due to ocean activity. I live in Arizona and I assure my friends on the coasts that there is a lot of unused land in America.

5. Legalize hemp, tax it at 20% to cover the costs of correcting global warming and other social ills. This would create an incentive for hemp papers, clothes or any of the other 50,000 uses for the plant. For more information visit the USA Hemp Museum - They have a bio-fuels room with more information on the subject. [It was recently reported that hemp is America's #1 cash crop.]

6. Give the industrial/military/congressional complex something else to do other than killing people, which they've mastered. They should be directed away from evil to doing good, constructive works.

7. Smile. We have a chance to save ourselves. Let's take it.

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