Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Do yourself a favor and take Time4Hemp!

Do yourself a favor and take Time4Hemp.

Our marijuana media heroes and sheroes have been through hell fighting the war on drugs so We The People can achieve Hemp For Victory.  Though the battle is almost won, our field warriors could use some help.

If you think there is nothing you can do to help end prohibition, consider supporting Casper Leitch, the father of marijuana broadcasting and his historic show Time4Hemp  .

Donate, advertise, send him encouragement or just listen to the extensive archive and share the information. Casper who is currently broadcasting on American Freedom Radio is expanding his show's re-broadcast to ITunes, IHeartRadio, live from his Time4Hemp site, etc. Lord knows he deserves your support.

With all the work Casper's done, all the information and entertainment he has shared since 1991 through this daily broadcast, and all the early work he did before he even started the show as THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES author Jack Herer's assistant, he deserves the support of the marijuana community, especially the ones making money in our brave new world of early legalization in Colorado and Washington.

I always upgrade my life whenever I take Time4Hemp. Check it out and upgrade your life too. Knowledge Is Power...and fun too when done right.

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