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Hemp Is The Best Global Warming Solution We Have!

New USA Hemp Museum Address

CNN recently reported like it was news "Global warming is epic, long term study says".  

We are engaged in the biggest DUH! of this century. There is no more denying Global Warming, Climate Change, whatever folks want to call it, the result is the same. We need to clean up this mess now!  

Talk about 'what are we pretending not to know and why?  Our leadership is wondering what to do about climate change, while pretending not to know the hemp solution is the best solution we have to solve this problem, and a whole lot more.

I find myself asking this question to folks frequently. 'What would you do if you knew a simple, peaceful solution to our problems is illegal? Would you demand that your government work for the good of the people? Would you educate yourself on how to implement this solution?'  The survival instinct always kicks in, unless they are elected and appointed officials, and folks want to live as long as it's not hopeless.  Hemp is never hopeless.

Let’s solve global warming. A good next step is to read the book Hemp For Victory: A Global Warming Solution by Richard M. Davis, now available on  Davis is the founder and curator of the USA Hemp Museum - , a private museum with a virtual wing. His book is an enhanced visit to the museum’s Environmental and Biofuels rooms.  He has two other hemp books on amazon HEMP FOR VICTORY: THE WONDER HERB on medical marijuana and HEMP FOR VICTORY: THE TRILLION DOLLAR CROP on how hemp can help fix the economy, i.e. the rise of medical marijuana businesses and the drop in unemployment numbers to 7.7%.  

Below is an excerpt from Davis' book HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION, Chapter 2, Hemp, Biofuels and Global Warming

"Who: Every person on earth is at risk of dying from the effects of global warming. Global warming is also impacting on food, war, clean water and ultimately, human life on earth. We cannot live and keep our heads in the sand. Hemp biofuel burns clean, and hemp breathes in the excess global warming CO2 gas from the air as it grows. 
Every person on earth deserves the means to food, clean water, shelter and other amenities. Hemp can help at every turn. Our forests are being cut mercilessly, hemp can help. Healthy forests clean the water and restore the carbon dioxide balance. Hemp can supply paper and building materials like press board, plaster, cement and plastics for shelter. Hemp can supply a complete protein and valuable fish type heart healthy oils, without which malnutrition can occur. Hemp is wind pollinated, which helps as an alternative food source in the face of the “disappearing bees” problem. 

Hemp biofuels are domestic, plant based energy sources. Hemp grows quickly, breathes in carbon dioxide from the air as it grows, exhales oxygen as it grows, burns clean and can be economically produced and distributed. Wherever petroleum is used, it can be quickly replaced with hemp bio-fuels, which include alcohols, seed oil and wood, to produce energy. Hemp, a safe energy source, can be grown, processed and shipped from the same location without the need for a lot of storage space, empowering family farmers, oil processors and other ancillary businesses.

This shift can empower the true foundation of the American economy, the family farm. 


What: Hemp bio-fuels have the power to replace fossil based oil, coal and gas quickly. Basic alcohols such as methanol, ethanol or butanol can be made from hemp to power automobiles, trains, planes, and any other power need. 

Ethanol is now being used as an additive in gasoline to reduce pollutants. Vegetable oil from hemp can be mixed with methanol to make bio-diesel. Bio-fuels from tree wood are currently being used in thirty-three California energy plants. 

Hemp can compete with tree wood, and leave the tree wood as an expanding carbon sink. Rather than coal and other polluting energy sources, alternative energy sources such as hemp must be employed. Hemp fuels do not cause acid rain as do fossil fuels.

When: NOW. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY! Any excuse for not legalizing and subsidizing the growing of hemp to mitigate and reverse global warming puts us all at risk. Until we all rise up and demand government action to legalize the growing of hemp, all we will hear are excuses. 

First, convert from petroleum to hemp biofuel and other clean, efficient energies. The emergency in World War II showed us that hemp can be brought into production in as little as two years. Let’s get started now. California in 2006 came within one signature of having legal industrial hemp when the Republican Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed the legislation. We hope for a quick reconsideration and passage of that bill. 

Where: We need to begin at the source of the problem. Make no mistake about it, we are the problem. We must conserve to show the rest of the world that life can be lived and enjoyed without all the energy we now produce through oil and nuclear. Wherever oil or nuclear energy is used to power things, replace it with a clean, safe alternative like hemp bio-fuel, wind or solar power. We need to research the possibility of using some of our preserved lands to grow hemp on a temporary basis, or subsidize the growing to get it started as Europe has done. Hemp is a strong, sturdy plant that with a little bit of tending, produces great rewards. 

Why: Given the dynamics of Global Warming, we are in danger of losing our lives. Tsunami, Katrina and other bizarre weather conditions are clues that when man outlaws nature, and has no respect for her laws, she responds in undesirable ways. Why, because we have a plan of action that has the potential to transform a crisis into a new more self-sufficient and lasting energy policy with hemp. 

How: Re-hemp the planet. 

Establish a seed bank and empower seed production. Use government land for growing hemp. Ice bergs can be harvested to supply additional irrigation and clean drinking water needs. Issue hemp stamps. Make information available on line to link and empower local growers. Replace farm subsidies with hemp incentives. Replace that which is killing us with that which enriches us. 

Diesel trucks and cars can already run on hemp bio-diesel fuel. Other cars can be converted to use any mix of gas or alcohol by using a Flex Fuel Conversion kit. The conversion process creates many short term business opportunities for folks who know how to install a Flex Fuel Conversion kit. On line, have conferences of ‘car and biofuel folks’ interested in starting businesses to do the conversions. This is a short window (maybe 3-5 years) business, but can generate substantial profits based on volume and fair pricing. 

Another promising alcohol fuel from hemp biomass is butanol. “According to Environmental Energy, Inc., butanol can run in unmodified gas cars. In the summer of 2005, EEI drove an unmodified ’92 Buick across the US running on butanol…EEI uses a patented, two-stage process to convert biomass into butanol.” (

Let each individual begin within."

We’ve made nature’s hemp plant, a biomass champion at scrubbing the air of excess CO2, illegal, and wonder why we have a problem with the environment.

We’ve made clean, easily and quickly renewable energy sources, i.e. hemp biofuel, illegal while woefully under funding or not funding clean and/or free energies like magnetic, hydro, solar, wind, algae, etc. and wonder why we are at the mercy of toxic energy sources.

We’ve made our number one cash crop illegal, jailed over 800,000 people on hemp related crimes, lost tax income on millions of hemp transactions, failed to gain the benefits of hundreds of thousands of hemp related jobs, and wonder why our economy is not working."

Where to start fixing our problems? Begin with the hemp solution. Read the book Hemp For Victory: A Global Warming Solution available at and come on by the virtual museum at to learn more about the many benefits of hemp. Future generations will be glad you did too. There are free .pdf preview editions on the site of all three of Davis's books in his HEMP FOR VICTORY series A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION, THE WONDER HERB and THE TRILLION DOLLAR CROP.

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