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Time 4 Hemp Pay Day Friday - International Hemp Solution

A powerful voice shouted from Africa, we must grow hemp now. It is the voice of Innocent Gideon Tukwasibwe, HempAfrica Ug in the webeo above.  Pay attention to this wise soul as we use hemp and wisdom to solve our problems now.
Time4Hemp's Pay Day Friday show on 09/30/2011 is a discussion between hemp heroes in Africa, South and North America. Hempsters from 2 huge land  masses united in purpose, end hemp prohibition and apply the hemp solution. 
This is a powerful discussion of how We The People of Earth, working together, can solve our problems now. Hemp is a tool we must use because it's an easily renewable resource material that can be abundant in this, the Promised Land...grab a hoe.
Show Host/Guests include:
Flame Host: Casper Leitch, Time4Hemp co-creator with the late Jack Herer, producer, host for over 20 years
Joint-Host Mike Bifari , associate editor of HAZE Magazine
Joint-Guest Innocent Gideon Tukwasibwe, HempAfrica Ug
Joint-Guest Dean Becker
Founder of

Time4Hemp Pay Day Friday Show link from 9/30/11 is
Time: Broadcast LIVE M-F 10-11a PT - 1-2p ET 
Broadcast by: 
American Freedom Radio Network
Visit AFR and Time4Hemp's extensive archive for more great shows.

Show Summary:
Casper's guest Innocent Gideon Tukwasibwe, HempAfrica Ug explained in detail the situation in Uganda regarding hemp and marijuana and how he wants to use it to bring Africa out of poverty, along with the rest of the world.
Mike Bifari's suggestion is brilliant to use the model being implemented in the ( Steve Elliott Toke Of The Town article for reference) "Uruguay To Cultivate Hemp; 1st Country In S. America . Learn from the old US HEMP FOR VICTORY model too. 
Then Dean Becker at chimed in with the truth, that it is an international government oppression ring at cause for the disinformation (book PEOPLE OF THE LIE by M. Scott Peck for reference). 
We need to break free of stupidity and the only way we can do that is for the people of freedom to stand together as one. 
Casper Leitch's call has been heard. Like Mike said to Gideon, 'you are not alone. The entire hemp international community, at least those who want the prohibition of nature to stop, is or will be keeping an eye on Gideon and many other hemp activists giving everything to stop the drug war. 
Below are the live twitter posts from the show (including those listed above).  There are many more points on the show than posted here.

Time4Hemp Time4Hemp 

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