Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Egyptian Violence Linked To Marijuana Shortage?

Last year the Egyptian government did a crack down on marijuana and it more than doubled the street price.  The street violence scenes in Cairo look like a bunch of folks either in need of a peace pipe (with hash in it) - or in need of giving someone close to them one.  Stress kills.  Medical and recreational grades of hemp reduces stress.  

The hemp solution to violence is a technique that governments around the world want us to pretend not to know.  Based on results the government wants violent confrontation rather than allow the people the freedom to consume marijuana when they want to at a reasonable price.

On May 5, 2010 the ABC News Blog The World Newser reported "In a country where smoking the drug is part of everyday life for many here, a shortage of the stuff is a problem and it’s one that some are calling ‘’unprecedented.’’  The hash shortage is not due to consumers smoking the country’s stash up and bleeding it dry, it’s thanks to the vigilance of the interior ministry’s anti narcotics squad. 

In March this year, the agency trumpeted a seven and a half ton seizure. And they’re not stopping there, Egyptian authorities are also arresting the head honchos of the drug trade making it more difficult to spreadmarijuana on the streets. So, what does this mean for the dealers who can get their hands on the drug and consumers? A hike in prices. The cost of eight to twelve grams has more than doubled this year.

It’s not clear why there has been this sudden crack down on the narcotic. Some claim that the government is holding onto the loot and cashing in on the short supplies. Others are taking a more cynical viewsaying that these types of drug busts happen right before a public holiday when the bean counters look at the books. The more arrests and crimes solved the more money in the pockets of those in charge. Because both theories involve officials, they are hard to corroborate. A call in to the interior ministry resulted in the run around and being transferred from one department to another. No one would answer my questions."

Of course there are many other contributing factors.  Yet, given the dynamics of how hemp helps with the economy, health, environment and generally peace of mind, consider that this is a contributing factor that is easily fixed.

As the webeo created for the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute by the USA Hemp Museum above explains (2:30), what is required is the Peace Pipe's Peace Plan which is a 2 lb. hemp solution.  One lb. of high grade hemp for a citizen's personal stash and the other to smoke with their "enemies" to discuss and implement peaceful solutions.  Since hemp is a wind pollinated weed, supplying the citizens is not a difficult process.  


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