Tuesday, November 02, 2010

LET A THUG SMOKE - Weeds Season 2

We need to stop being stupid and free the weed, hemp, marijuana, by whatever name and let the thug within smoke, eat, wear, live in or drink however much they need to be happy folks. If you are not a saint, then you have some thug in you.

Use the peace pipe to help bring peace on earth. I urge you to visit the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute and read the groundbreaking report by the great hemp hero Jay Greathouse on how to establish Peace On Earth.

When you sign up for the newsletter, for a limited time you can get for free the most outrageous, powerful, healing with the gift of understanding report with special bonuses you could ever imagine, plus.
Jay has a proposal for how we can achieve peace on earth in our lifetime. Stop your drama and read this report. I read Jay's report two days ago and am still shaking for the simplicity and power of his peaceful solution. After over a half century as an advocate for spanking children, he has made a case to me for not spanking children that cannot be denied. This report has the ability to establish peace on earth within two generations or less. The plan is so doable.

In the meantime, get over yourself and let the thug side of you smoke hemp if that would help you be happy. Hemp is a happy plant.
End hemp prohibition by Jack Herer Executive Order 420:

The war on drugs is over. We The People have won.

All in prison for hemp related arrests are now free as patriots.

The Hemp For Victory program is re-instituted, self funded quickly off of crop production and reasonably priced lease fees on unused federal land.

Presidential signature (or this is the Information Age, a click should do.)

End document

Hemp's 50,000 plus products, explained at the USA Hemp Museum, are already motivating people to exchange goods and services for dollars and cents. By removing federal limitations on nature, hemp can put the green back in the greenback dollar, avoiding financial chaos.

We can fix this, hemp can help.

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