Saturday, November 13, 2010

Casper Leitch & Carey Burns on Time4Hemp

On Friday, November 12th Carey Burns, host of "The Cannabis Corner", was a guest on "Time 4 Hemp" with the father of marijuana television Casper Leitch on American Freedom Radio. Casper has call-in Friday going on and the hour just flew by with both guest and callers talking about the need to stop the war on drugs.

What a great show. The subject was how to use hemp to solve many of our problems including the elephant in the room, the economy. Hemp's 50,000 products, with only 10 companies per product, each one with 10 jobs can create 5,000,000 jobs quickly.

Below is the audio from this great radio enjoy. Enjoy and learn what we can do to stop this ridiculous war on drugs.  Like the opening song says (an acre of hemp makes 20 barrels of oil).

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