Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hemp Can Help With The Gulf Crater Plume Gassing

Hemp can help fix the oil spill crisis of crater plumes gassing and gushing toxic material into the ocean.

Here's some initial ideas with an call to action. This crisis cannot be managed by greed.  It must be managed by wisdom and common sense.

1. Plug up the holes with hemp plastic, 10 times stronger than steel according to Henry Ford. A metal cap may be placed over the hemp plastic plug to reduce salt erosion on this biodegradable material.  Remember hemp sails have been used for centuries.

2. Sop up the oil that has risen to the surface with hemp tow and fiber fluff in bags placed on the ocean, like what they were talking about doing with human hair.

3. Shift our dominant energy to hemp biofuel and biomass, solar, hydro, magnetic and other clean and/or free energy sources.

4. Plant hemp along the coastline (including up the Mississippi River) and on unused federal land by re-financed family farmers to
a. clean the air from the oil burns,
b. use as an alternate food source for animals (including humans),
c. to help clean the soil.

5. Use hemp building materials to construct water treatment plants to transform ocean water to clean drinking water using distillers powered by hemp biomass.

6. Stop endangering the planet in the name of greed. Make it illegal to create a crisis and pretend to solve it.

7. Visit the USA Hemp Museum, and learn more about how hemp can help us save ourselves.  The museum's founder and curator Richard M. Davis is an awesome source of 'hempformation'. 

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Paul said...

Hemp Plastic is available from and BP should contact us now!!

They probably also need to chill out and relax to some 100% hemp instruments while they are at it:

Hempfully yours...