Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hemp Is China's Secret Financial Weapon

Hemp is China's secret weapon in her rapid rise to world financial dominance.  Not only is hemp legal in China, they have a hemp czar, Zhang Jianchun.  Folks can say what they want but hemp's on in China's economy, and the results are breathtaking.

Here in America, we've made nature illegal and wonder why we have environmental problems.  We have a health care crisis that is dragging us down by the volume of patients, yet effective hemp medicine is denied in the majority of US states.  Its still illegal to be poor or otherwise outside of the medical system and use hemp to either heal or maintain good health - stress kills - medical & recreational grades of hemp reduce stress.  This is not rocket science.

It is way past time to stop pretending not to know that hemp can help us solve our economic and many other problems. We need to level the playing field and hemp is a great equalizer.  Energy, economy, health and the environment are only a few areas where the end of hemp prohibition would mean the end of many problems in those sectors.

We can fix this. The only problem with American ingenuity is the political system that is severely oppressing us with a set of laws, many of which are too big for even them to read.

Hemp is an easily renewable resource material.  Within 120 days of an economic tsunami, a new crop, grown indoors or out, up to 4 crops per year, enables folks to GROW their own money.  Since the federal government owns 1/3 of the land, they can make available to folks who have no homes the opportunity to grow crops in unused areas to help them get back on their feet.  The simple experience of working with the land can be a profoundly positive life transforming experience.  Of course, build with hemp building materials.

Hemp, though prohibited from growing here with the new exception of 13 of the states where citizens voted for legalization passed for medical,  is America's #1 cash shortage of customers.  Hemp is at least a trillion dollar a year industry by any calculation. Do the math.  Popular Science Magazine reported in February, 1938 edition that hemp was a billion dollar crop.

That article is found on page 12 of the book  HEMP FOR VICTORY: THE TRILLION DOLLAR CROP, a museum tour and a quick study on how hemp can help us solve our economic problems.  For more detail I urge you to read that book and pass the information on.

If you know anyone in the media who wants to do an honest story on the subject, a panel (guests) on the subject of the economics of hemp, recommended guest are:

Richard M. Davis the founder and curator of the USA Hemp Museum and author of the HEMP FOR VICTORY series, also including A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION and THE WONDER HERB.

Harvard's Jeffrey Miron  author og DRUG WAR CRIMES  Dr. Miron's article 'The Budgetary Implications Of Marijuana Prohibition' is on page 192 of Davis' TRILLION DOLLAR CROP

Attorney Ellen H. Brown, author of THE WEB OF DEBT, whose article by the same name is on page 236

Hempologist Chris Conrad, whose book HEMP: LIFELINE TO THE FUTURE is a beacon of wisdom in the hemp movement, has an article in Davis's book HEMP: Economic Prosperity For a New Millennium, pg 164.

Get active, be active, stay active.  Demand the unconditional end to hemp prohibition. As hemp hero Peter McWilliams said:  Do it now.  

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