Saturday, April 25, 2009

How to Make Your Own Hemp Oil - Rick Simpson Calls RabbitHoleCentral

Paula Gloria is joined by John Gulino (aka 911Shaman) for a call from Canada's most famous healer, Rick Simpson who is healing people with cancer and other diseases with Hemp oil and also addressing criminal corruption at the top levels which keep us from the robust health we need (or are killing us cruelly)
"So in reality the battle against cancer consists of two distinct battles. The first is
against the physical disease itself; the second one is against the mental posture of both those
who want to keep their privileges and those who, because of social indoctrination, do not seem
interested in trying new ways. I believe that the latter battle is the toughest and the longest - but only by winning it can we be successful with the former."
-Tullio Simoncini, MD

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