Friday, March 27, 2009

President Was Wrong On Hemp At Town Hall Meeting

Hemp is a good strategy to grow our economy. Ending hemp prohibition will create jobs, businesses and create other quality of life improvements. Adding the nation's number one cash crop to our economic reality can help us solve our economic crisis.

President Obama said earlier that science would drive policy. Is that a lie? I ask because yesterday he said that he is not in favor of hemp. Didn't he inhale frequently?

The president cannot keep pretending not to know the truth about hemp. Nobody is right all the time and in this case the president is wrong. There are volumes of scientific information on how hemp can help. Many of our problems, like global warming, health care crisis, and economic chaos can be traced back to making hemp illegal. Hemp is a powerful tool we can use to end many of the nightmares we are experiencing.

We've made nature illegal and wonder why we have a problem with the environment.

We've made an effective natural and safe medicine illegal and wonder why we have a health care crisis.

We've made a versatile resource material that can empower anyone to make money with, our nation's number one cash crop, illegal and wonder why our economy is not working.

As a nation, it's time to pull out the truth razor of only the truth is true and apply it to everything we are dealing with. Replace illusion with truth. Where the law is killing us, i.e. hemp prohibition, change the law.

America's hemp policy that makes nature illegal is evil. The resulting pollution from being on toxic energy instead of hemp biofuel is killing people. Author and publisher Peter McWilliams was killed by court order. He could not use the hemp that helped him manage his nausea from chemo. The author of YOU CAN'T AFFORD THE LUXURY OF A NEGATIVE THOUGHT died choking on his own vomit, denied by law the medicine that had helped him in the past.

If we were on hemp biofuel there would be no excess CO2 in the air. Hemp is a safe, effective 5,000 year old medicine that helps with cancer, AIDS, sickle cell, asthma and other life threatening illnesses. HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION and HEMP FOR VICTORY: THE WONDER HERB by Richard M. Davis make the case. The Wonder Herb has Peter McWilliams story and hemp writings included.

Hemp's been voted legal in the vast majority of states where it was on the ballot, 9 out of ten in last year's election. President Obama either supports the Will of the People or not. He is either here to help or more of the same, no real change. All the death in Mexico over the drug war and he won't end the war on drugs.



For more on hemp please visit the USA Hemp Museum

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