Thursday, December 04, 2008

1/1/9 Hemp Freedom Day - A Modern Boston Tea Party

This idea is being developed with the USA Hemp Museum, a private museum with a virtual wing. We are communicating with others, i.e. Josh Gilbert who made the great film a/k/a Tommy Chong a film by Josh Gilbert, to create a 100th Monkey effect on the issue of hemp relegalization, with wisdom expressed among the people on Emancipation Proclamation Day, New Year's Day, 2009

EVENT: HEMP FREEDOM DAY - A DAY TO TELL OBAMA TO LET OUR HEMP PLANT GO!!! President Elect Barack Obama and Gov. Bill Richardson, nominated for Secretary of Commerce are both pro hemp. It's possible they would appreciate a clear call from the people to end the insanity of the past and do it now. Pull an FDR and end hemp prohibition.

DATE: 1 1 9 January 1, 2009 - :20 after any hour (it's 4:20 somewhere in the world every hour). Good day to turn the fear of 9/11, the greatest inside job ever, around and replace it with empowerment.

PURPOSE: It's time for a modern Boston Tea Party to express support for unconditional hemp legalization and implementation, i.e. an end to the war on drugs. Upload your TELL OBAMA, LET OUR HEMP PLANT GO!!! webeo and get the ball rolling so the crops can start growing.

LOCATION: Wherever one is comfortable consuming hemp with friends and family safely.


Part One: House parties and other gatherings, alone or with others, celebrating hemp

We're reaching out to many hemp masters who may be available for on line questioning about how to use hemp to solve our problems now.

  • Part Two:

    Post your insights and TELL OBAMA, TO LET OUR HEMP PLANT GO!!! Post a copy and/or a link on and anywhere else that will host it.

    Hemp was voted legal in 9 out of ten states where it was on the ballot.

    A 2,700 year old hemp stash was found in China. It was not industrial.

    Hemp is the number one cash crop in America yet it's illegal to grow. Only industrial uses are legal.

    Hemp energy is clean, renewable and underfunded. It's illegal to grow hemp fuel in America.

    Hemp is a biomass champion at scrubbing the air of excess CO2 as it grows. Richard M. Davis has a book HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION that explains the process.

    Hemp foods can help stop hunger.

    Hemp's up to 6' root system aerates the soil and helps restore burnt and/or polluted land.

    Hemp medicine has an effective 5,000 year history that works on cancer, AIDS, asthma, sickle cell and other stress related diseases. Stress kills and medical grade hemp reduces stress.

    Hemp empowers one's pursuit of happiness.

    Hemp's 50,000 plus non toxic uses can help us heal our society, environment and ourselves.

    It's time to institute the Will of the People and re-legalize hemp. If we tax recreational grades at 20%, we'll be wondering what to do with the excess money.

    More later.

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