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Hemp Scrubs The Air of Excess CO2 gas

A Global Warming Solution

(Click in the area below to see the video of Richard Davis, Author, Founder and Curator of the USA Hemp Museum speaking on hemp as a tool to heal global warming. If you can't see the video click here to see it on YouTube.)


Re-hemp the planet- Stop polluting. Clean the Environment. Do it now.

Understand the problem and implement effective solutions

Institute a 20% recreational hemp tax to cover the cost

Develop and implement a HEMP FOR VICTORY program,like in WWII

Grow hemp everywhere possible to clean the air and add oxygen

Manage the melting icebergs for irrigation and drinking water

Pray and meditate to become good caretakers of the earth


In a recent report by the world's top environmental scientists, the only thing listed that mankind can do to have an impact on changing weather patterns is to reduce the excess CO2 levels from the air.

Hemp scrubs the air of excess CO2 gas - a contributing factor in global warming - as it grows. Growing massive amounts of hemp - like what was done in the World War II HEMP FOR VICTORY program - in unused federal land, can radically reduce the amount of CO2 gas in the atmosphere.

Hemp can also be used as a healing global warming tool by using it as a biofuel to replace toxic energy that is killing us. Hemp burns clean and grows fast, producing as many as four crops a year with a little bit of planning.

This solution is in development at the USA Hemp Museum, a private museum with a virtual wing located at . The Museum has thousands of hemp exhibits both on line and in the private wing. The Museum's Founder and Curator, Richard Davis announced the release of the ebook edition of his new book HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION, based on the Museum’s extensive information on hemp and the environment.

In his recent video, Davis explains the need to apply hemp as a solution to the problem of global warming and other helpful uses.

Hemp For Victory: A Global Warming Solution
CURE Publishing - 6 min - Feb 12, 2007 -
Richard Davis explains how the hemp plant scrubs the air of the greenhouse gas CO2 as it grows, burns clean and should be used to solve the problem of ...

Why hemp?

Hemp is biomass champion, breathing in more carbon dioxide (the most abundant greenhouse gas) than any other plant. This carbon dioxide is turned into wood and fiber by photosynthesis. Hemp wood takes the pressure off our forests by making paper and building materials like pressboard.

Hemp is the best plant at consuming the greenhouse gas CO2, a step the world leading scientists say is critical to at least slowing down the dramatic effects of global warming. Remove the cause, CO2 pollution, and the effect, global warming can be reduced, if not healed.

Hemp can do all the jobs fossil fuels do now. When used as biofuel, hemp replaces toxic energy (i.e. fossil fuels, nuclear power) with clean sustainable energy. Hemp biofuel can be processed to run any engine, heat or cool any building, run any factory, and eliminate the greenhouse gases and pollution that come from modern energy sources.

The Museum is also developing a HEMP FOR VICTORY plan to successfully use hemp to help solve the survival problem of global warming by coordinating farmers with growing and market information. A council of Hemp Masters will be available on line to help with questions and problem solving. A 20% recreational hemp tax can finance the program and help deal with the current impact of global warming.

The HEMP FOR VICTORY plan is considering: the problem of global warming, benefits of hemp, land use and availability, financing with a hemp tax, restoring the family farm to grow hemp, seeds, irrigation, growing techniques, harvesting, processing, replacing toxic energy, how to use existing energy distribution systems, and other benefits from re-hemping the earth. This plan is based on the HEMP FOR VICTORY campaign of World War II (see USA Hemp Museum’s History Room).

“A state of international emergency has been declared by many of the top scientists in the world.” Davis said in a recent interview. “We have a solution. To help save ourselves from the ravages of global warming, we must grow massive quantities of hemp all over the world to reduce carbon dioxide and provide biofuel. Working together, crops can be bred for maximum earth healing affect. Markets can be coordinated. The impact of restoring the family farmers can help those who are not currently benefiting from our alleged booming economy by keeping energy dollars at home.

Decisions have consequences and our decision to stay on toxic energy is seriously impacting global warming. We must change now to survive and hemp is key to the process.”

Please support the Hemp Farming Act of 2007.

For more information on HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION contact Richard Davis, The USA Hemp Museum, All donations are tax deductible.

The weather is a clue that we have to do something now. The problem of global warming is so severe that the high concentrations of methane gas coming off the melting glaciers (organic material picked up during the formation of the glaciers decomposed) could be deadly.

What the team I've been working with is putting together a simple multi-fold solution.

1. To slow down the melting of the glaciers, remove excess CO2 gas from the air by growing large quantities of hemp in 10% of the 650 million acres of unused federal land. This week Congress introduced the Hemp Farming Act of 2007

2. Replace immediately toxic energies with 100% non-toxic energies including hemp, solar, wind, magnetic and hydro energy sources.

3. Create international think tanks that communicate on line to solve the problem of global warming, i.e. harvesting ice bergs and using that as a source of clean drinking water and irrigation of dry land and hempin' the planet.

4. Have preparation in place for moving large populations inland in the event of a rapid ocean level rise due to the current effects of global warming.

5. Initiate a 20% recreational hemp tax to raise money for global warming related expenses.

6. Replace the war on drugs with the solution to global warming. Use the military to solve the problem and put solutions in place.

7. Throughout, pray for and be a good caretaker to Mother Earth.

Please pray for the planet. Our pollution has hurt her bad and only the Lord can save her by working through us.


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